How do you get internet when living off grid!

By The Petite Plantation - July 27, 2020

We are so connected these days so obviously one of the first questions we get asked about living off the grid is how we are able to stay connected to the internet when cable and phone line services aren't available. There are actually a few different options to stay connected to the internet but do you really want to be tied to the grid?

Usually when people are looking to move to an off grid living lifestyle, it is because they are tired of the grind, the man, the schedule and the control over their lifestyle. Although we are connected to the internet here on our tiny off grid farm, we often just don't turn it on. Cloudy days when our batteries are slow to fill, and beautiful sunny days when we want to be outside working on our farm as a family are just two reasons why we choose to not connect ourselves to the grind and the grid.

It's is ironic, in a way, because without the internet our off grid life would not have been possible as it has made earning a passive income to support our family and dreams a reality. It's a balance!

How to get internet off the grid:

I want to start by reminding you that we are all from different areas on the globe and some of these options may not be viable for you and the area in which you'll be settling. Being able to get internet off the grid is very important to our livelihood so we made sure we could get online before purchasing our property and if you are currently land shopping, be sure to find out if there is an internet solution before purchasing.

There are tiny devices you can plug into your laptop to give yourself a tiny mobile hotspot. In the US, these are actually quite affordable but in Canada they can vary from almost affordable to very costly. If this is an option you would like to consider, reach out to your cell phone providers in your area to shop around.

We are lucky to live in an area where we are able to get LTE Internet from a rural internet provider called Xplornet in New Brunswick, Canada. This internet stick, as I call it, faces towards a cell phone tower across the valley and gives us reliable internet similar to what your data on your cell phone would give you, but FAST!

We have the wireless modem connected to our humble solar system and it runs around 30 watts which is actually very little, but still our largest consumption of power. On cloudy days we only turn the internet on to 'check in' on our online business and leave it off during the day while we work around the farm outside. On rainy days, we will run the generator for an hour here or there as we are all stuck inside and choose to spend the day working online.

You could also just get an unlimited data plan added on to your cell phone plan and use your cell phone's personal hotspot to share the internet. Although this could drain your phone's battery and would only work if you had a good cell phone reception.

There are also other Satelite Internet Providers out there with a simple google search in the area you'll be settling, you'll be able to find a provider. If not, there is also libraries, coffee shops, and even hip laundromats which provider internet to their patrons.

I hope this helps you stay connected, if that's what you what you are looking for!

How to get internet off the grid

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