Stay with us & GROW with us!

By The Petite Plantation - February 07, 2020

Education. Encouragement. Empowerment.

Staying with us at The Petite Retreat! We want to build another sustainable cabin on our off grid homestead to be used as an educational retreat for those who want to learn more about sustainable systems and permaculture principles.  

Introducing..... The Petite Retreat

In May of 2020, with your support, we will build an additional tiny sustainable cabin to be used as an educational retreat for aspiring eco-conscious people to stay in while getting wealth of knowledge through:
  • in-depth tours of our solar power system, original grey water design, rainwater catchment system and our home's eco-design
  • hands on experience with our animals and permaculture farm
  • workshops on sustainable systems
  • and have the opportunity to ask us anything so they are feel empowered to build their own!
Backers will be able to come stay in the cabin for long periods of time to really understand and educate themselves on the sustainable systems we've created.
We will also be creatively sharing everything throughout the build on our blog with photography, and a wealth of written information with building plans, diagrams and worksheets!

L E A R N   M O R E 

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