Making a Living Off The Land

By The Petite Plantation - February 06, 2020

Ways we create income from our farm and homestead!

When we started adding animals to our permaculture farm, we hadn't even started to build our tiny farmhouse but that wasn't going to stop us from living our dream of homesteading and making a living off the land.

We started clearing the forest in the spring and in the summer of 2019, we added 6 Pekin ducks and a duck house built entirely out of recycled materials, then a flock of Leghorn chickens and a Rooster in the hopes to provide ourselves with endless eggs but also to earn an income from home. Within just a couple of months, we were able to earn enough income from our homestead to literally live off the land!

By living off the land, I mean earning an income entirely from the homestead, without employment outside the home. We earned more money here on our tiny farm than the expenses we incurred and we did this is a variety of ways and in this post I want to share with you how we did it!

Living off the land!

Lowering our expenses...

For years we have been lowering our expenses in peculiar ways but now we have extremely low expenses because we live off grid and create or harvest all our own power, water and heat with our solar system, rain catchment, and wood burning stove. And because we are determined to create our own income from home rather than outside the home, we managed to lower our expenses even further and have only car insurance, cell phone and home internet to pay each month which amount to less than $200 a month.

It's not much but we don't have cable, we don't have Netflix or Disney +, heck we don't even have a television! I am certain that we wouldn't be able to live off the land if we had typical expenses a family on grid would have.

Peculiar ways we save hundreds of dollars each year!

How we earn a living from our homestead and farm!

Becoming more sustainable...

On top of lowering our expenses drastically, we have also learned more and more ways to be sustainable which in turn, saves us more each month! From baking our own bread, growing veggies in the summer and sprouts in the winter windows, bartering with other homesteaders, and building or repairing things ourselves, we have saved SO much money these ways!

26 ways to be more sustainable or self reliant

Online businesses..

Apart from lowering our expenses drastically and not needing to really earn a lot of money, we also have passive income coming in through a variety of online businesses. Our online market, selling digital products and ebooks I've written available online, other items on Etsy, and running ads on this blog all trickle in earnings each day!

Putting our farm to work..

We started looking for ways our farm could provide for our family and once we started, it snowballed. Using Facebook Marketplace, The Petite Plantation's Facebook Page, and online classifieds to place online ads, we sold all sorts of items right here from our farm! From Sourdough Starter Kits to selling our fertilized Leghorn hatching eggs, we were making enough money to live off our land!

All this is to say, by lowering your expenses so you need to earn less is the first step to earning enough income from your homestead!  And if you are a homesteader, check out this list of ways to earn from your homestead to see if there are ways you can earn at little more!

Earning an income from the homestead to live off the land!

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