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By The Petite Plantation - February 23, 2019

Canadian Curriculum Review | Chalkboard Publishing Database of 1000s of Worksheets & Workbooks
A while ago I shared a photo on Instagram of our homeschooled boys working away in our Canadian Math workbooks and the publisher reached out to me and asked if I would work with them to provide an honest review of their service in exchange for a free subscription to their online database of 1000s of Canadian workbooks & worksheets, which I didn't even know was a thing, so of course I agreed!

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I first found Chalkboard Publishing's workbooks in our local educational supply store while browsing for a Canadian Math Curriculum and I have to admit, I'm a bit picky when browsing for workbooks to use in our homeschool. 

I particularly dislike the 'all-in-one' curriculum books because we only homeschool Reading, Writing and Math around a table, everything else you find in these bigger books, like STEM, social studies, or history, we learn by exploring in life, museums and the outdoors so there are large portions of the book we just won't use and it seems so wasteful. 

I love these beautiful, clean & engaging workbooks that align with our Canadian homeschool Curriculum because they are full of 100% Canadian content which is hard to find when you are picky, like myself! I picked up a Daily Language Grade 2 and Canadian Math for Grade 1 and 3.

But what I didn't know was Chalkboard Publishing also has all of their full workbooks and 1000s of other worksheets for Kindergarten to Grade 6 available on their website and online database which you can get a yearly subscription for. They have a wide variety of Daily STEM Curriculum, Remembrance Day Activities, Indigenous Studies and even a Yoga book!

You are able to easily search the database for the worksheets you need by Grade, Subject or by curriculum ie. American, Canadian and even French Canadian. Once you find what you are looking for, you can either print the entire workbook just like you would find in store or just the worksheets you will need, which helps save paper!

Canadian Curriculum Review | Chalkboard Publishing

I have really enjoyed this database of worksheets because I have been finding the Reading, Writing and Math worksheets for two weeks, printing them all off and sorting them so we have two weeks of homeschool planned and ready to learn! (There are two piles above because we have two children.) I also love that I can print only what we need, saving space in our tiny home.

Chalkboard Publishing has affordable yearly memberships for their online database for just $16.66 a month which gives you access to 1000s of worksheets for the price of a single workbook, really. But they gave us the coupon code CBAF40 to save 40% on the subscription to share with our friends and family so I'd like to invite you to check them out because we really enjoy their worksheets and wouldn't be sharing it with you if we didn't!

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