List of Amazing Free or Inexpensive Homeschool Resources

By The Petite Plantation - February 22, 2019

List of Free or Inexpensive Homeschool Resources
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This compilation of free, or inexpensive, homeschool resources is a perpetual list for you, but also for me hah! Keeping all these amazing resources in one place AND sharing them with other homeschoolers is so important for my sanity and for our homeschool community so please take advantage of it!

All the resources are categorized by subject but if you use your control+F function on your keyboard, you might be able to better find something specific or something on what you are currently studying.

Some of these are American or Canadian Resources, some are Secular and some are not. Also, if something in this list isn't available anymore, or the link is broken, please comment at the bottom of the post so I can keep it current for everyone.

List of free or inexpensive homeschool resources!

If you are looking for Canadian worksheets, activities, and workbooks, I know how frustrating it is to find what you think will the perfect resource only to find halfway through it, the currency is American! But I have found a treasure trove of Canadian Resources!

Chalkboard Publishing has thousands of Canadian worksheets, activities, and workbooks on their website that can easily be downloaded and printed at home. Here is an in-depth review of Chalkboard Publishing and their online database of educational materials!

All in one Curriculum

An Old-Fashioned Education | A complete FREE Charlotte Mason curriculum (K-12)
AmblesideOnline |  A complete FREE online curriculum designed for Charlotte Mason (K-12)
Brightly Beaming's Letter of the Week | FREE Preschool curriculum (PK-K)
Discovery K12 | FREE Online homeschool platform and curriculum (K-12)
Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool | A complete FREE online Christian curriculum (K-12)
MobyMax | FREE 27 Online Subjects (K-8)
Wildwood Curriculum | A complete FREE secular Charlotte Mason (K-8)

Language Arts

CK-12 | FREE online program for English and Spelling (K-12)
CommonLit | FREE reading passages and tools to support literacy. (3-12)
Grammar Monster | FREE online resource and tests


BBC Bitesize KS2 Science | FREE online lesson plans on The Living World, Human Body, Materials, Forces and Motion, Light and Sound, Electricity, Earth and Space, Working Scientifically
CK-12 | FREE Online programs for Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry (K-12)
Crash Course Kids | YouTube Channel with exceptional explanatory videos (K-8)
Free School | YouTube Channel with great explanatory videos
Khan Academy | FREE online programs for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Astronomy, Cosmology, (K-12)
National Wildlife Federation | FREE complete lesson plans on Mammals, Marine Wildlife, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Butterflies, Habitats, Pollinators, Insects, Spiders, Invertebrates, Fish, Endangered Animals, Eco-Systems, Arctic, Watershed
PBS LearningMedia | FREE lesson plans on Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, Physical Science, Art, Nature, Human Biology.
SciShow KidsYouTube Channel with 100s of supporting videos
Smithsonian Science Teaching Resources | FREE lesson plans and printables on Earth Science, Engineering & Technology, Life Science, Palaeontology, Physical Science, Social Studies
Teach Preschool Science | 75 FREE Lesson Plans (K-3)


CK-12 | FREE Online program for Math, Arithmetic, Measurement, Algebra, Geometry, Probability, Statistics, Trigonometry, Analysis, Calculus (K-12)
Teaching Squared | FREE worksheets for math, language, spelling. (K-5)
Free Math Program | FREE Week-by0week curriculum & worksheets for (K-5)
Math Help | FREE online math classes (K-12)
MathPlanet | FREE online complete curriculum, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Prep SAT & ACT tests (9-12)

Arts & Music

Art for Kids HubYouTube Channel for 100s of How to Draw Videos
Clarinet Now | FREE online clarinet lessons
Classics For Kids | FREE Lesson plans for 14 different Classical Musicians,  (K-5)
Guitar Lessons | FREE online video guitar lessons
Hoffman Academy | FREE online video piano classes (K-12)
Justin Guitar | FREE online videos guitar lessons
Learn The Harmonica | FREE online video harmonica lessons


Teaching Children Philosophy | FREE Lesson plans with children's books you probably already have
Philosophy for Children | FREE 15 different Lesson Plans (5-12)


Bedtime HistoryYouTube Channel with explanatory videos
CK-12 | FREE Online History Program (K-12)
Digital History | FREE Online resources and worksheets for American History
Free School | YouTube Channel with explanatory history videos
Kahn Academy | FREE Online World History Program
Saylor Academy | FREE college history courses

FREE or Cheap Homeschool Curriculum, Printables, and Resources!

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