How to Meditate

By The Petite Plantation - January 12, 2019

Meditation can be a very simple practise of sitting with yourself, quieting your mind and focusing on your breathing to reduce stress and anxiety, uplift our mood and to feel more grounded or tranquil.

But it can also be a spiritual practise to connect with the Universe, or Source Energy to raise your vibration, listen to your soul’s calling and intuition. Either way, meditation is something anyone can do to fill their cup, reduce stress and give them self a little love.

I am a total newb at meditation and believe meditation needs to be a daily ritual or spiritual practise in my life. But in the little time I have been meditating I have learned a few things..

Tips for Meditation... 

If you have kids and live in 150 square feet, you’ll need a noise canceling headset or less kids. 
If you do your daily meditation sesh as soon as you wake up each morning, you’ll have more success with keeping the ritual everyday. This is when your body is most relaxed and rested anyways and, if you meditate early in the morning chances are, your kids are sleeping and aren’t distracting you. 
Guided meditations from iTunes or YouTube are a great introduction to meditation! They provided great visualizations to raise your frequency. This the first video I used for a guided meditation, which brought me to tears, and had me create this daily ritual. 

You can do meditation anywhere, in the shower, at the playground, laying in bed. 
You don’t need fancy equipment! I mean, I love to run my diffuser with a selection of Certified Pure Essential Oils to amplify my meditation but you could simply wear the oils on your skin.

Keep reading to find out which oils can aide meditation, but please, don’t use oils from the grocery store, craft store, eBay or Amazon! They are full of fillers, preservatives, and additives from cheap distillation. If you want the pure stuff, shop here.

How to Meditate...

To start meditating you first need to set the scene. Reduce distractions around you and get yourself ready by emptying your bladder, silencing your phone, closing a noisy window and taking care of any other distractions.

I like to add essential oils to my diffuser to amplify relaxation of the mind and body and to become more grounded. (Keep reading for a list of oils I use during my meditation and why)

Sit cross legged with you hands resting comfortably on your lap or lay in a comfortable position.

Close your eyes and start breathing in through your nose for 4 seconds. Hold your breath for 7 seconds and exhale through your mouth over 8 seconds. Repeat this breathing technique three times and continue focus on your breathing and let every thought that enters you mind float away.

This is a great time to repeat some of your favourite affirmations to yourself to manifest you dreams. I also love to listen to a guided meditation to raise your vibration, focus on alignment or self healing.

Sticking to it!

One of the hardest things about meditating is actually sticking to a daily practise. Life gets busy and it's so difficult to add in another habit but here are a few tips to set you up for success.

1. Make it a part of your daily morning routine just like brushing your teeth!
2. Set an alarm to remind you everyday.
3. Let everyone know in your household that this is non-negotiable!
4. Schedule it in your calendar!

Oils for Meditation

FRANKINCENSE | Associated with purification, meditation, protection, and solar energy.

MYRRH | Nurturing + Healing. Associated with purification and healing.

GERANIUM | Stabilizing + Releasing. Associated with healing, courage, and protection.

ARBORVITAE | Strength + Composure

LAVENDER | Soothing + Calming. Associated with peace, harmony, tranquillity, love, and healing.

BALANCE | Grounding + Tranquility

PATCHOULI | Calming + Grounding. Associated with the divine, love, and attraction.

Obviously I don't use all of these during meditation but I like to switch them up and choose oils that speak to me each day. These oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and if you wanted to get these pure oils for yourself, shop here. But please! don't use essential oils from Amazon, Craft Stores or the grocery store because they have added toxins and preservatives and are often diluted!

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