Canadian Yearly Garden Planner & Toolkit Printable

By The Petite Plantation - January 21, 2019

Printable Garden Planner & Toolkit

Finally! A Canadian Garden Planner. So many times have I downloaded a planner only to find the frost dates and hardiness map was for those south of the border but I have created a yearly garden planner for all of us Canadians!

If you haven't heard of the Canadian Homesteaders Collective and you are a Canadian Homesteader, definitely check them out on Instagram or Facebook! We are working to create a network and community of Canadian Homesteaders, which happen to be more difficult to find because our popular neighbours to the south have saturated social media. But we are working to connect with all the Canadian Homesteaders!


In this yearly garden planner & toolkit you'll get:

Canadian Hardiness Zone Map

Finding your zone is the first step in growing your own food successfully. Use this map to find your hardiness zone and find out which vegetables grow best in your climate.

Additional Notes

An additional sheet of lined paper for important details you want to remember about the gardening season.

Garden Goals Worksheet

Before making your goals this year's garden, reflect on what happened last year to fill out this worksheet. What do you want to grow more or less of this year? What plants are you excited to try? How do you want your garden to grow & what goals do you have to accomplish this year?

First & Last Frost Dates Chart for Canada

Use this chart as a guideline for when you can safely plant in your garden. But be sure to keep an eye on the forecast, and mother nature, to protect seeds and seedlings from any impending frost.


Garden Layout & Planning Grid

Use this grid to help you plan where you will plant in your garden. Consider where the sun hits the garden, the amount of sun each plan will need, the amount of shade larger plants will create & companion plants! Print an extra sheet for your fall gardening layout or plan!

Seed Starting Schedule

Use this schedule to help you stay on track with your seed starting, transplanting and when to plant directly in the soil, or direct sow. Check your seed packets & count backwards from your last frost date. Also, be sure to harden off your seedlings 7 to 10 days before transplanting.

Friends or Foes Companion Planting Chart

This is a comprehensive companion planting chart to help you decide what to plant next to each other in the garden,

Garden Harvest Tracker & Planner

This handy chart will help you keep track of the number of plants you planted & the amount of produce you harvested so you can plan better for the following garden season. You'll find out if you grew too much or too little of your favourite vegetables!

Yearly Garden Journal Reflections

Garden journals are great for taking note of what you learned in the gardening season. What grew really well, what did you grow that you didn't like, what kind of pests were a problem, what didn't you grow enough of or too much of & what do you want to try next year?


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