5 Benefits of Practising Gratitude

By The Petite Plantation - January 12, 2019

We all know we should be thankful. It’s something I have been trying to instil in my children since they were born, to be thankful and grateful. It’s an unspoken parental duty or ethical responsibility to teach our children to be grateful so they become beautiful happy people.

They are many benefits to making gratitude a daily practise in your life, to make it a ritual and a wellness habit. And it has nothing to do with mannerisms.

Since practising gratitude nearly daily, our life has completely changed! It was when I started consciously practising gratitude that we sold all our stuff, bought a camper, and became debt-free travelling nomads. Basically, dreams came clear and then they came true.

Here are a few benefits we noticed when we started taking note of what we have to be grateful for.

Reality check!

You have a lot to be grateful for, even when it seems like you don’t. There may be times when you are feeling indifferent or down about where you are in your story, but you take note of all the things you’ve got going for yourself, the list is long!

Your thoughts create your reality..

When you practise gratitude and are focusing on all the wonderful things in your life, you are happier and will attract more things to be grateful for.

Have you ever heard of the expression ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’? Well, it works the same with any emotion or energy you throw out there.

And have you noticed people in your life who always seem to be stuck on a negativity train? If they switched their tune and focused on what they have to be grateful for, the would be happier and can stop that train!

You can retrain your brain...

When you are so focused on all the good in your life and suddenly life throws you a curveball, your mind will begin to automatically find the good in the situation and you are able to handle what life throws your way!

It feels good to be grateful!

Practising gratitude daily forces you to be a more positive person. You cannot be negative about gratitude! So when you are taking a gratitude moment or filling out a gratitude journal you will uplift your mood and vibration!

Lowers stress level!

Lowering your stress kind of goes hand in hand with being happier and focusing on the positive but you fret less over the small stuff that would otherwise get you down because you have a lot to be grateful for!

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