5 Tips to help you be more grateful!

By The Petite Plantation - January 12, 2019

If you are on a life changing path and have been transforming into the best version of yourself, I am sure you have heard all the benefits of making gratitude a daily practise.

I always knew we should all be thankful for all we have but until I made gratitude a daily practise, I had never understood the magnitude of change that practising gratitude would have on my life.

Since adding gratitude into my daily routine my life has completely changed, guys. 

It helped our family figure out what we actually wanted, and we’ve been able to manifest our dreams of traveling as nomads. We are so much happier and content with our lives. There are so many good things that happen when you start paying attention and taking note of what you have to be grateful for.

Sticking to anything new is really hard for me. I am terrible at starting something new, trying it on for a week, and eventually fading out the new habits so here are my tips to help you stick it out and practise gratitude daily!

Commit to it!

There is this saying that your thoughts become your reality so if you make the conscious mental decision to practise gratitude daily and commit to it, you’ll have better success continuing the habit! Let others know to, or find an accountability partner!

Be Quiet + Present

Reduce your distractions and sit in a quiet place so you are able to think, and clear your mental space and the gratitude will flow easier. If you are distracted by all the things you need to do in a day, or your mental space is taken with emotions, it will be harder to think about gratefulness, but this is a sign you need to be more grateful!

Create a Routine...

..or add it to an existing routine that you already have. For example, when you sit for a meal, take a moment to be grateful. When you lay your head to bed, take a moment to be grateful. If you pull tarot cards, take a moment to be grateful. I love adding Balance and Patchouli when I want to add to my gratitude journal. 

Our family loves to have a 'Gratitude Minute' when we sit down for dinner. We go around the table listing off all the things we are grateful for in our lives! Try it!

Let it Pour!

If you are feeling especially inspired, let it pour out of you but it you are having difficulty getting into flow, start with one thought and elaborate on that and it will pour out of you. 

Hold yourself accountable!

Sharing a snapshot of your gratitude journal or simply posting something you are grateful for spreads love + light and inspires other to also be grateful. A way I have cleverly held myself accountable was when I started getting my children involved and in the habit having a 'Gratitude Minute' at dinnertime. Now they initiate it!

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