5 Things to let go of right now!

By The Petite Plantation - January 12, 2019

Baggage, guys. And not actual baggage but emotional baggage. We all have it, in one way or another. and the weight of it really brings us down and makes living life more difficult.

I had all kinds of baggage but after I unloaded it, I became minimalist nomad wandering the Canadian East Coast, literally living my dream while we build our tiny homestead.

I want to share with you 5 kinds of baggage you need to let go of now so you can start living your life for you, honouring your soul and ultimately, find your wild.

Bad relationships!

I let a person manipulate me for years, throw myself into a deep depression and feel like my life was ruined. If you are in any kind of bad relationship that makes your feel bad more than it feels good, let it go!

Toxic people have a way of spreading that negative energy into other peoples lives and the cord needs to be cut for your survival. Whatever is going on with that person to make your relationship bad, has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with them. So I hereby, give you that permission you need to let that bad relationship go! 

Old Grudges!

Grudges serve no purpose to you. It’s that simple. If you have been hanging onto a grudge because someone has hurt you, forgiving them isn’t giving them permission and the ability do it again, it’s about allowing your heart to heal so you can move on and be free from that event. Let it go!

Limiting beliefs about yourself!

Once you learn that you are capable and worthy of just about anything, it’s like you have cracked the code to life and anything is possible. The only limit you have in life is what you belief to be true about yourself. Let it go and manifest your dreams!

Bad habits!

Bad habits can not only inhibit your personal growth but depending what they are, they can be slowly killing you.

Unhealthy rollercoasters of diets, smoking cigarettes (which is totally not trendy anymore, btw), and drinking excessive alcohol is may seem instantly gratifying but are all slowly killing your insides, which makes you feel bad and can lower your vibration or frequency, basically you feel crumby..

Ditching the bad habits can make you feel better, and live your best life. Let them go... and butt out!

Unkind self talk..

I am so terrible with this.. See! I think I just did it again!

Unkind self talk has always been difficult for myself but there is this saying, ‘Your thoughts become your reality.’ and it’s so true. If you are telling yourself you aren’t worthy of something, you are basically telling the universe you don’t deserve it or want it and probably aren’t going to get it. 

And it’s all untrue anyways! Drop the negative self talk, love yourself, practise gratitude and if affirmations are your thing, repeat them daily!

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