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By The Petite Plantation - November 11, 2018

Make your own Cleaners for a Chemical Free Home
Did you know that it takes 26 seconds from the toxins and chemicals lingering on your floors to enter your crawling baby's blood stream? (Source)

Yea, that's scary stuff. I try so hard to keep my children alive, safe and as healthy as possible but the toxins and chemicals were hidden on our floors, on the tub I *just* cleaned and lingering on our clothing.

A few years ago we began our Chemical Free wellness journey with ditching the toxins. The first thing to go was everything under the kitchen sink, every cleaner, soap, and spray. It was a small change, a lot of bottles, but I like to think it had the biggest impact in the amount of toxins in our home.

Statistics on Toxins & Chemicals Source

We started using our homemade all purpose spray, baking soda, cream of tartar, vinegar and essential oils instead. But what I didn't realize was that there was EVEN hidden toxins and additives in my essential oils!
I put my trust in these little bottles of plants to clean my home completely chemical free and really, they we a false hope because the FDA states that there ONLY needs to be 5% of actual plant oil in the bottle for it to be labelled Therapeutic Grade.
After being introduced to Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils by my dear friend Alisha from Folk + Co., my Chemical Free journey was back on track! If you want to get some of these 100% Pure CPTG Oil, shop for them here.

I want to share everything I have learned about living Toxin and Chemical free over the last year or so because we feel the difference.

Collectively, in our family of four, we get less headaches, less colds, less respiratory illnesses, and don't have any allergies. My youngest child was allergic to milk, nuts and something in our environment that we never really figured out. But now, he has no allergies.

Statistics on Toxins & Chemicals Source

Below you will find my DIY All purpose cleaner but also a list of essential oils you can use in different areas of your home to more effectively clean your home, naturally.

DIY All Purpose Toxin & Chemical Free Household Cleaner

2 cups of water
1/4 cup of vinegar
30 drops of CPTG Essential Oils

Shake & Spray. Use everywhere, basically.

DIY All Purpose Chemical Free Cleaner Recipe

I use different essential oils for different things or areas of our home so I have put together a list of them for you. Feel confident in mixing and matching these oils for the 30 drops in your DIY Cleaners. And if you are using them on food surfaces be sure that they are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. If you ever have any questions, I invite you to find me on Facebook or Instagram.

TEA TREE or MELALEUCA | Same oil just a different name depending on the country in which you purchased it. This oil is fantastic for everything germy. For surfaces where you prepare food, tub drains, sink drains, fuzzy white or black things.

LEMON | Lemon and Lime are both really awesome grease cutters so they work well on your stove top of oven. Because they are a citrus, they are also great at removing sticky things like old sticker glue on glass bottles you want to reuse or crafty messes. I love using lemon on my kitchen counters to help sanitize them or in a sink full of water to wash my veggies!

CLOVE | You know how everyone puts Tea Tree in their shampoo bottles? Well, it turns out that Clove is the new oil for that. It's good for cleaning everything!

OREGANO | Oregano is a powerhouse and super star. Everyone needs a bottle of this for when they are feeling unwell. But it's also great for food prep areas that have touched raw meat, nasty sink or tub drains and damp dark areas where the fuzzy things grow.

ARBORVITAE | I absolutely love the aroma of arborvitae and because it was used by Indigenous people as a preservative, I use it in my wood butter for my butcher block counter tops and my beautiful Olive Wood utensils.

PURIFY | Purify is a blend of essential oils that I love adding to the rinse cycle when washing laundry, or to run through a smelly dishwasher, or on pet messes and accidents.

ON GUARD | On Guard is also a blend of oils which doTERRA has made a whole collection with! It's basically everything you need to clean everything in your home, and support a healthy immune system so I also love using it on germy door knobs and light switches.

And, I think that is why I love cleaning with my CPTG oils. Because not only are they toxin and chemical free but they also help support our bodies needs.

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