Top Apothecary Oil Round Up

By The Petite Plantation - October 22, 2018

I could go on and on about how much I love supporting my health with essential oils. But if you are already here, you want to learn more about how to use the top apothecary essential oils and I have rounded them up!

Why even use essential oils?

Essential oils and plant medicine have been used in history for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of physical and emotional ailments. They are the what people used before we could run to a pharmacy! So, the return of essential oils isn't really trendy or a fad, it's people living wildly and returning to a simpler natural medicine that worked for human kind for centuries.

What I love most about essential oils is that they get in your body on a cellular level to promote optimal wellness and address the root of your issues rather than just treating the symptoms.

How to use essential oils..

There are three ways you can use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils:

  1. Topically, or on your body.
  2. Aromatically, or dispersed into the air and you breath in tiny molecules.
  3. Internally, ingested if the label says it's ok.
In this round up I give you all kinds of usage ideas for each of the oils so you can try them out in different ways!

How to be safe with essential oils...

Essential Oils are quite safe to use but there are a couple things to remember:

  1. Avoid your eyes
  2. Never put oils in your nose or ear.
  3. Never put oils on your private bits
  4. Don't wear citrus oils while in the sun.
  5. Always dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil or lotion for babies, elderly, and those with sensitive skin.
  6. Check the label before taking an oil internally. There should be 'Supplement' facts

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I'm giving away recipes, usage ideas and the benefits of the oils! Get started by clicking the link below!


All the top essential oils uses, benefits and recipes you need!

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