8 Things We Learned in Our First Month as Nomads

By The Petite Plantation - October 15, 2018

When we decided to sell all our stuff and move into Nelson, our 24 foot Class C home on wheels, we were looking for financial freedom, adventure and to start living our lives for ourselves. But there we are few things we learned quickly in our first month as a nomadic family while working from the road.

Time has become irrelevant..

It is a challenge to remember what day it is without picking up a your iPhone. We wander through our lives so gently with minimal commitments and time throughout the day or week gets away from us! Having a routine, especially with the children and road-school, is essential for keeping our online business and education rolling!

Personal care is priority..

It may not be the same for all nomadic families but with Nelson's small tanks, it is impossible for everyone to get a long hot shower everyday. There is more planning and thought to be put into cleaning our bodies each day to conserve water but also keep our high standards for body cleanliness!

The community is welcoming..

When we roll up to a Walmart to park for the night, we are surrounded by a whole community of travellers. There are campers, nomads, and those who just need to catch some shut eye and generally the community is kind, courteous and there is usually conversation to be had! You'll find many people pulling out their chairs or if you're a road-school family like ourselves, a telescope!

Free Wifi isn't always available or reliable..

When we began renovating our lives, and Nelson, we were sure we could catch a wifi signal anywhere especially the usual suspects like the mall, Tim Hortons, McDonalds or Chapters. And in most cases we totally can get wifi but it is slow and unreliable. If you are planning to live nomadically and work from the road, research the best data plans (in Canada, this could break the bank!) and consider getting yourself a USB Wireless Antenna for your laptop! 
If you want the specifics, rather than using my MacBook antenna, we are using a Rosewill High Gain N150 USB Wireless Adapter and are about 260 feet from McDonalds free Wifi and it's strong!

You don't need as much power as you'd think..

In the first week, we were roughing it, with no power. We were on a raw diet and cell phones needed to be charged else where because we didn't have a working house battery for Nelson. We only have two 100 watt solar panels on the roof and it is really all we need right now because we aren't running the fridge or cooking in the summer heat.

You bond with your family, real quick!

Our family was pretty tight knit as a homeschooling family living in a regular home but once we moved everyone together into 160 Square feet, you learn to bond with each other real quick hah! The slightest pet peeve becomes a big problem but it is all a matter of adjustment, for each of us. And we still wouldn't change a thing about our life! 

We spend MUCH more time outside..

We now spend at least 50% more time outside. Before moving into Nelson, we lived on a double lot and urban homestead. We spent much of our time gardening or playing outside. Now, as nomads, we are spending even much more time outside because our home isn't a place we stay al day, rather is it a vessel to get us to our next adventure!
We also spend less time playing with techy devices and find watching tv, Netflix or movies so unimportant!

We're happier.. 

All around, everyone in our family is happier. It could be because we are spending some much time out side grounding but we feel it is because we feel more free, and not just financially free! 

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