Finding our Wild

By The Petite Plantation - April 10, 2018

Finding our Wild on Parlee Beach in Shediac NB
We have been sitting on a big secret for months now and behind the scenes we have been working hard to make our dreams happen. Since I feel I have driven my curious sister-in-law nuts enough (dying of laughter!), I am going to officially let it out. But before I do, I want to give you insight into what has led us to where we are now. (hang tight, sista!)

Who are we anyway?

My husband and I have always loved adventure, since the day we met, which is the same day I arrived in our province after taking off on a two day road trip to leave my birthplace. In a little Hyundai Accent, stuffed full of my remaining possessions, country music blaring, without air conditioning in a hot July and my last pack of cigarettes, I arrived in New Brunswick and my life changed as did the scenery.

I had never driven on a four lane highway, let alone the 401 but my soul was alive and after a lifetime of suppression in a small town, I had a taste of the wild and free. I knew this is what I wanted the rest of my life to feel like. At the same time, my now husband, was also looking for his wild. Ready to move mountains to find it, he met me the day I arrived and we were drawn together like inseparable magnets.

We spent our early years together exploring the east coast, taking off on spontaneous weekend road trips, honeymooning on the beach as a Hurricane Bill approached, and even made it to the west coast for a weekend of shopping.

Where we lost ourselves...

After our second baby was born, as a new and overwhelmed mama,  I felt pulled to my hometown in search of support from my birth family. As adventurers we jumped into a move, we packed up our many accumulated possessions and travelled 1700 kilometres back to my birthplace and into a very toxic environment. I became unhealthy, clinically depressed and I lost my wild, we lost our mothers, and I lost myself.

After two years of pain and despair, and with news another family member falling ill on the east coast, we grabbed ahold of our children and took the opportunity to find our wild. Within 48 hours, we had abandoned the toxicity, our belongings, and our home to travel back to the east coast where I began my healing journey.

Last visit to the shoreline in my birthplace - Collingwood, Ontario

Who we are now...

After being thrown into a minimalist lifestyle with little possessions, we began to bloom. We loved the simplicity of our life and how removing the load of baggage and toxicity made us feel light and free. We started to explore the east coast again with our growing children. We spent hours of summer evenings on the beach, healing together and finding peace in the simplicity. And on that beach, we decided to embrace our wild, sell all our belongings, move into a motor home and travel the continent with our family, like it is meant to be.

We have held on to this big secret for months because we have had many big ideas in our past, all of which were crazy, and I was afraid to release our truth and receive unwanted feedback which may have brought on feelings of doubt but the reality is, it's already happening.

What is left in our home is either going with us or to the dump and we are actively shopping for our next home.

And, we know that we may loose you during this transition if you are here to watch our homesteading journey, but what you will still find here are recipes, living minimally, living clean and chemical free, lifeschooling and our story, which you can also catch on our Facebook or Instagram.

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