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By The Petite Plantation - February 21, 2018

The Petite Plantation and the Love Wild Tribe who I am  proudly a part of, serves all of North America! Which is amazing we are able to reach so many people but at times can be confusing because we have different currencies and doTERRA US and Canada work a little differently at times. This post is to help our Oil Guides and Canadian Customers with the weirdness! Enjoy!

How much is Shipping for OTG or Canada Warehouse?

OTG | On The Ground or from the Canadian Warehouse
Canada Post $5.99 + up to 6 Shipping Rewards Points back
Canada Post Express $6.99 + up to 7 Shipping Rewards Points back
UPS Ground $7.99 + up to 8 Shipping Rewards Points back
UPS Express $17.99 + up to 18 Shipping Rewards Points back

WHY SHOP OTG? | Basically, things work out to be less expensive in shipping fees and the exchange rate the bank charges you when ordering from the US Warehouse, is kind of crummy. As Canadian's I think we should support Canada doTERRA as much as we can, and the more we shop from the Canadian Warehouse, the more products they will offer us! The Canadian Warehouse has all the same essential oils the US Warehouse has but don't carry all the supplements or capsules, yet! I always ship with Canada Post to support our Canadian Mail Carriers, and occasionally will pay the extra $1.00 for Express Shipping!

How much is Shipping for NFR or US Warehouse?

NFR | Not For Resale or from the US Warehouse
CAN Express $29.99 + up to 30 Shipping Rewards Points back (Delivered in 4 days)
CAN Standard $12.99 + up to 13 Shipping Rewards Points back (Economical ground shipping)
PO BOX Shipping $12.99 + up to 13 Shipping Rewards Points back (For delivery to PO Boxes)

WHY SHOP NFR? | The exchange rate usually sucks and shipping is autrocious but the US Warehouse has items we just don't have in Canada! Some items include: DigestZen Capsules, Serenity Capsules, On Guard Capsules, Kids Supplements, Skin Care items etc. Occasionally, I will create a new LRP Order to ship from the US Warehouse to stock up on these goodies.

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What are Shipping Rewards Points?

Canadian Wholesale Customer's and Wellness Advocates can earn points back on what they spend in shipping to redeem for more free items:

You earn 50% of you shipping fees back in Shipping Rewards Points for Online Standard Orders or LRP Orders Placed through Member Services over the phone.

You earn 100% of shipping fees back in Shipping Rewards Points for Online Loyalty Rewards Program Orders or Online Enrollment Orders.

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What is the Price Comparison between warehouses?

Lavender from OTG or the Canadian Warehouse
$26.75CAD Wholesale | $35.67CAD Retail |  22.5PV

Lavender from NFR or the US Warehouse
$22.26 Wholesale USCD | $29.68 USCD Retal | 22PV

*NFR orders are charged in USCD, meaning they already include taxes, but still are subject to the exchange rate your bank charges you, which can be kind of crummy..

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If I have an OTG LRP, how do I order from the US Warehouse?

If you are currently placing all your LRP orders from the Canadian Warehouse but want to order from the US Warehouse without cancelling your LRP to keep your points valid, here is how:
  1. Create a New LRP Order to be shipped from the US Warehouse or NFR
  2. Choose your processing date,
  3. and fill up this new NFR LRP cart. 
  4. If ordering it right away, 'Ship Now'.
  5. Once your order has been processed, either immediately or after you have waited till your chosen processing date 'Edit' the order & click 'Cancel this order'.

If you are waiting for your processing date to come but don't want to place both a Canadian & US LRP order in the same month:
  1. Follow the steps above to create a new NFR LRP Order. MUST DO THIS FIRST!
  2. 'Edit' your Canadian or OTG LRP Order
  3. 'Cancel this order'
To go back to ordering from the Canadian OTG Warehouse, simply create the new OTG LRP Order again, and cancel the NFR LRP order. 

What is the Loyalty Rewards Program?

I have created a separate post all about the Loyalty Rewards Program here, but basically it's an auto ship program and as a thank you, doTERRA gives you a percentage of what you spend back in points which you can redeem for free product!

What Enrollment Kits are available in Canada?

There are FIVE to choose from! You can find them all here.

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