Oils for Skin Health

By The Petite Plantation - January 13, 2018

When I first brought quality essential oils into our home I was really looking for a solution for my hormonal acne and PCOS symptoms because I was about to lose hope. After just being diagnosed with PCOS and trying to figure out how to balance my hormones I began to see drastic changes in the health of my skin and found hope in essential oils.

As an Accredited Aesthetician, it was extremely frustrating to have such terrible skin but now that I have remedied my skin conditions with the help of essential oils, I feel obligated to share with you all my favourite essential oils for skin.

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These recommended oils for skin are not just to help with skin imperfections but for the health of your skin because healthy skin, looks great! But, you can't just rely on essential oils to have great skin, there are a few lifestyle changes you can make to benefit it:

  • HYDRATE | We all need to be drinking lots of water because if we are thirsty, our skin is likely already dehydrated. We are also able to hydrate the skin directly with the use of moisturizers applied daily.
  • VITAMINS | Because of commercial agriculture practices these days, our fruits and vegetables aren't as heavy in essential vitamins and minerals for whole body health so taking supplements is a great way to prevent disease and promote overall optimal health. The LifeLong Vitality Supplements are unlike any other supplement and promote optimal health instead of just preventing disease like other brands. Read more about them here.
  • KEEP IT CLEAN | Be sure to wash your make up off, every day! There is a saying that wearing your make up to bed for one night will actually age your skin 7 days and this is because bacteria breeds, then skin in suffocating and the pores are clogged! Also change your pillow case often because we secrete sweat and oils and we don't want to put our just washed, clean, freshly opened pores on a dirty pillow case at bedtime.
  • REMOVE TOXINS | Buying or making your own quality beauty care products and reducing the amount of chemicals and toxins on the skin can greatly improve and help to detox your skin. If you would like to learn how to make all your own beauty care products, I recently wrote an eBook with all the recipes you need to get yourself started. They are all completely chemical and toxin free an focus strictly on the health of the skin. To read more about it, click here and to get your own copy, visit this!
  • CIRCULATION | Increasing circulation to the skin helps it to detoxify, speeds up cellular renewal and healing of the skin. We can do this by Dry Brushing or Using a Pumice Stone but never perform any kind of Micro-Needling at home!

Essential Oils for Skin Health

These are just a few of the oils are great for various skin issues and some I will use daily during my facial massage to promote circulation and healing!

LAVENDER | Soothing, calming. Helps reduce the appearance of skin imperfections or irritations.

FRANKINCENSE | Reduces the appearance of skin imperfections, boosts the effects of other essential oils because Frankincense can affect cellular health.

TEA TREE | Cleansing and purifying to skin imperfections and aids in the recovery of the skin and is germ-destroying.

DOUGLAS FIR | Cleansing to the skin, helps the skin to recover from skin imperfections.

LEMONGRASS | Very cleansing and can help to provide a tightening sensation to the skin

PATCHOULI | Helps to promote circulation which can help with cellular renewal and healing. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, scars and stretchmarks. And, it is in this DIY Toner!

ARBORVITAE | Promotes healthy cell function.

YLANG YLANG | Helps balance hormones and promotes healthy skin function.

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