10 Oils for Blues

By The Petite Plantation - January 08, 2018

My first experience or encounter with the blues was nearing the end of my first pregnancy. I was on bed rest for weeks before the birth of my eldest child and once born, I had only the support of my husband who worked very hard to support our growing family. I was extremely isolated, alone, and had no one to talk to our help me figure out how to mom, without a mom.

My second experience was most likely triggered from stress! Our family moved across the country and I was overcoming a toxic relationship, raising my second baby with little emotional support as my husband worked far away, again isolated, stressed, and alone.

It's been about a year now, with a support system, less stress and essential oils, that I have been able to be in the light with an uplifted mood but what I want you to know, there is hope in oils.

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So why do we feel blue?

GENETICS | Some people with a high family history of depression many have an increased risk for the blues or depression.
LOSS | Sadness or grief from loss of a loved one may naturally increase feelings of the blues.
MEDICATIONS | Side effects from medications you are taking can effect your mood. If you are taking and medications and are concerned about your mood, speak to your family physician so they are aware of how the medication is effecting you!
STRESS | Big life changes like promotion, job loss, divorce, moving or retirement can all cause feelings of being blue because in a sense, they are a loss in your life.
HORMONES | Certain hormones need to be in balance for the female human body to be in harmony. You can read more about balancing hormones in this post.
WINTER | During the winter we aren't getting as much exercise, sunshine to produce Vitamin D, and our diets usually include more sweets which can make us feel tired, bored and blue!

Lifestyle changes to help the blues!

There are a few lifestyle changes you can make to help you feel less blue and support a happy healthy mood:

  • GET OUTSIDE | The sun provides light therapy which can help your body produce Vitamin D, fresh air can fill your lungs with oxygen and grounding or connecting with the earth can help neutralize your body and provide feelings of harmony. Usually, being out in nature just makes us feel better. To learn more about grounding, read this post. If you live in Canada, consider taking a Vitamin D supplement or the LifeLong Vitality Supplements.
  • EXERCISE | Taking an evening stroll or heading to the gym will not only produce happy endorphines in your body but can also, fill your lungs with oxygen, boost your confidence and get your blood pumping to support overall health.
  • SLEEP WELL | Getting a goodnight of sleep can make the world of difference in your mood. Sleepless nights can leave you tired, weak, foggy and can worsen the blues. 
  • EAT HEALTHY | Eat your vegetables! There are all kinds of minerals and vitamins in fruits and veggies, and you could be feeling like crap if you have a deficiency in your diet. So again, I am going to recommend the LifeLong Vitality Supplements!
  • GET FRISKY | Although you may be feeling blue and have a low sex drive right now, having sex creates mood boosting hormones in women such as oxytocin. If you really are not in the mood, tell your partner how you are feeling and suggest sex and it's mood boosting benefits. They will be more than willing to initiate sex if they know they'll be getting lucky!
  • TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR | If you are feeling blue or depressed you NEED to tell someone! You are not alone, and everyone feels this way at some point in their life, I promise. There could be an underlying issue for your mood and can be very dangerous to keep how you are feeling to yourself, please speak to your family physician! If you are reading this post, and are blue, promise me you will tell someone who loves you how you feel, okay? 

Essential Oils for the blues!

There are so many different essential oils out there but I have narrowed it down to 10 essential oils that could help with the blues. If you have used essential oils in the past but found they haven't provided the results you need, it could be because they aren't Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, or CPTG. Quality matters! To get the good stuff, read this post.

I use 3 of these oils daily (marked with a *) in my morning oil routine to support my mental health and my blues and they honestly help tremendously. My husband and I have both noticed the days when I forget to apply these in the morning. There is hope in these oils!
  • PATCHOULI* | Grounding and balancing effect on emotions to help lift your mood.
  • YLANG YLANG |Helps balance hormones and lifts mood while having a calming effect.
  • LAVENDER | Reduces feelings of anxiousness and can promote restful sleep.
  • CYPRESS | Grounding, stimulating effect on the emotions to help with feelings of loss.
  • CEDARWOOD |Grounding, evokes feelings of wellness and vitality.
  • LIME | Uplifts mood, balances & energizes the mind and body.
  • BERGAMOT | Uplifts mood while promoting calm to help with feelings of anxiety & blues.
  • PASSION* | Blend of oils to promote feelings of joy, excitement and passion while counteracting feelings of boredom & disinterest.
  • CHEER | Blend of oils to promote feelings of optimism, cheerfulness, and happiness while counteracting feelings of feeling down, blue or low.
  • BALANCE* | Blend of oils to promote relaxation of the whole body and evokes feelings of tranquility and balance.

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