Micro Needling & Facial Rollers

By The Petite Plantation - January 13, 2018

I recently had a colleague inquire about my professional Aesthetcian opinion of these Facial Rollers and Micro Needling rollers that are a new fad. I got so fired up and ready to "Brave the Wilderness" to share my opinion that I immediately went live and not 10 minutes later I find myself here, sharing what I think of them with you!

First let's discuss what they are!

What is a Facial Roller?

A facial roller is a hand held device you roll over the surface of your skin to help increase circulation, drain lymph nodes and detox the skin with gentle massage. They have been used for centuries on the skin for skin health and give you all the benefits of facial massage and more! If you keep yours in the fridge, it can provide a cool massage to help relieve tension in your face and feels amazing!

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As an Aesthetician, I would definitly recommend these but be sure to only use on a clean face, ensure the stones are clean why using on your skin and be very gentle why massaging the delicate skin around your eyes!

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What is Mirco-Needling?

Micro-Needling requires a similar device which is rolled over the skin but contains micro needles to perforate the skin. When researching Micro-Needling all the immediate articles that come up in a Google search are from sources like Elle Magazine, InStyle Magazine and Allure Magazine which all claim and inexpensive alternative for home skin care procedures but as an Accredited Aesthetician, braving the wilderness, I don't believe these procedures should be performed at home. And I will give you three reason why:

  1. This is micro perforations of your skin, guys. Like, actual tiny incisions that shouldn't be taken lightly be performed by a qualified professional with a protocol to follow to ensure the right products are being used, it is being performed correctly, and prevent skin diseases.
  2. When micro needling the skin you are opening up tiny incisions for bacteria, germs and pathogens to find their way into the body. Our skin is our first defense against disease and when Micro-Needling, we are putting ourselves at risk!
  3. Innocent and uninformed women are unknowingly putting the health of their skin in jeopardy with out the proper equipment, techniques and knowledge of the procedure.
Ultimately, use your common sense, but in my professional opinion, poking your face thousands of times with surgical needles in an unsanitary bathroom is setting your self up for inflammation and if you professional results, seek out a licensed professional!

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