Baby Bum Spray

January 20, 2018

Baby bottoms have very delicate skin and it's not just because it's on a baby. Diapers are a moist, dark and humid environment unless freshly changed which is the perfect environment for fungal infections and skin irritation! Of course changing baby's bum often can prevent these from happening, but the skin is still susceptible to irritation and inflammation so I've created a baby bum spray!

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This spray really isn't just for baby bottoms! You could use this on other skin irritations to promote cleansing, calming and healing!

Although my children are older and out of diapers, when my five year old has come down with a flu or cold, he will wear a pull up to bed because he body is out of sorts and he sleeps like a log, or sleep through a kitchen fire! For more of my favourite oils to use on children, read this helpful post!

LAVENDER | Soothing and calming on skin irritations, and imperfections.

FRANKINCENSE | Promotes cellular health and a healthy inflammatory response

TEA TREE | Cleansing and purifying to the skin.

To make the Baby Bum Spray, simply combine 5 drops of each essential oil in a 2 oz misting bottle and fill with coconut oil.

I love to use coconut oil in this Baby Bum Spray because:

  1.  helps to create a barrier to stop moisture from getting to the skin,
  2.  helps to delay the evaporation of the essential oil goodness so the oils can work their magic, longer,
  3. oil and water don't mix well,
  4. and because it is moisturizing, naturally antibacterial and antifungal!

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