Why We Lifeschool

By The Petite Plantation - December 22, 2017

There are all kinds of different reasons why people homeschool their children and for our family, I can't say there was any one reason why. It certainly wasn't for religious reasons, or any reason, it just felt like it was what I was meant to do.

There are many benefits to keeping your children at home instead of throwing into the Public School System. Here are a few reasons that really convinced me, that this was what I was meant to do:

  1. I wanted our family bond to be strong.
  2. I wanted my children to grow to be respectful.
  3. I didn't want to miss a moment of their childhood.
  4. I wanted them to be unapologetically themselves.
  5. I wanted them to learn, naturally.
  6. I wanted everyday to be filled with fun.
  7. I knew they would flourish begin exposed to much more than the same building.
  8. I didn't want them to grow up so fast: schedules, rules.
  9. I wanted to raise them.
  10. I wanted to discipline them.
  11. I wanted to be there for it all.

I remember when we first decided to homeschool our toddler, he was our first baby and I was determined to do it right. I didn't even know what was the right was to homeschool. So I turned to the internet. This was before InstagramFacebook was really only used as a social media outlet and people really hadn't discovered the power of Pinterest. And even then, I was overwhelmed with the styles and methods to homeschool.

I choose to replicate school at home because after all, it had been working for hundreds of years before and although my husband was on board my family was not. We set up a little homeschool corner and successfully taught our first born toddler his alphabet before he was four years old. We were on track. He loved it, he loved the time we spent together until, we had another child and moved across the country.

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Why didn't homeschool work for us?

It's most likely not because we had another baby or moving that homeschool wasn't working anymore, but because our family was going through some terrible things and turmoil. On top of everything we had going on, he was getting to the age where he wanted to be more independent, he was busier and didn't want to sit still to 'do the homeschool' worksheets. Children aren't created in a way that allows them to sit still. I certainly don't blame him for not liking homeschool anymore because it was a pattern of listening then 'try it with pen and paper'. It was dry, and an unnatural way to learn, in my opinion.

After we decided to move back across the country to move away from the turmoil, we chose to take a much more relaxed approach to homeschool. We spent a year just focusing on spending time together as a family, repairing our bond to each other and souls. It evolved and we created what is now our version, of lifeschool. We choose not to call it unschool because we still educate our children with a few things. We also don't call it homeschool because we no longer want to replicate school in our home.

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