Tea Tree Essential Oil

By The Petite Plantation - December 28, 2017

Tea Tree Essential Oil is one of the Top 10 Essential Oils and there is a good reason for that! It is best known for it's purifying and cleansing properties. And because this essential oil is so versatile, it is  a must have essential oils for your home apothecary or first aid kit!

Tea Tree Melaleuca Essential Oil benefits and uses!

Benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil

  • well known for it's cleansing and rejuvenating effect on the skin
  • promotes a healthy immune function in the body
  • helps protect against environmental and seasonal threats
  • used in aromatherapy to relieve colds and coughs

Ways to use Tea Tree Essential Oil

  • Apply a drop on occasional skin irritations to soothe.
  • Add in this Baby Bum Spray recipe!
  • Apply to skin imperfections to purify and cleanse the skin.
  • Inhale to promote feelings of clear breathing.
  • Apply to sinuses when feeling under the weather.
  • Add into an Immunity Roller Bottle for an immunity Boost!
  • Apply to your cuticles to purify and strengthen your nails.
  • Add in a veggie cap or in your water to enhance your immunity.
  • Apply to your toenails to keep germy things away.
  • Add in your homemade salves or body care products.
  • Add to a DIY cleanser for surfaces.

Why even use essential oils?

Essential oils and plant medicine have been used in history for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of physical and emotional ailments. They are the what people used before we could run to a pharmacy! So, the return of essential oils isn't really trendy or a fad, it's people living wildly and returning to a simpler natural medicine that worked for human kind for centuries.

What I love most about essential oils is that they get in your body on a cellular level to promote optimal wellness and address the root of your issues rather than just treating the symptoms. If you want to get pure, potent and effective essential oils, click here.

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