Hair Removal with a Pumice Stone

By The Petite Plantation - December 28, 2017

Our family has been working hard the last year trying to minimize our household waste. We make most of our own beauty products, try to shop garbage free and use what we have instead of buying new. But this past holiday we have opted to invest in a few items to drastically reduce our lifetime imprint with eliminating plastic razors!

If we buy a new razor each month, with the refillable cartridges, we will toss close to 800 plastic razors and over 3000 cartridges in our lifetime of shaving! 
Obviously, we're changing our habits! Hubs was gifted a straight razor because the blades are made of stainless steal and can be recycled, where as plastic razors are rarely ever actually recycled... For myself, I will be using my Pumice Stone for hair removal!

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What is Pumice?

Pumice is a light grey volcanic rock with pits and cavities for a rough abrasive texture. They are often found in spa gift baskets or drug stores but aren't seen for their full potential. They come from volcanoes all over the world and are basically a rough rock.

Benefits of Pumice Stones

Because Pumice Stones have a very rough texture, they can be used to

  • remove excess or callused skin on the feet
  • to prevent ingrown hairs
  • reduces future hair growth
  • promote circulation to the skin
  • help with lymphatic drainage and detoxification and lastly, 
  • remove body hair! Dry Brushing can also do these things, except remove hair, and is also a part of my beauty routine when there is no leg hair to remove.
WARNING: Very hair leg picture, but I had to show you. First of all, I don't have much leg hair left but you can clearly see the line down the side of my leg defining the calf I have removed hair from with the Pumice Stone and the front where I still have work to do!

Before and after of hair removal using a pumice stone on my calf.

How to remove body hair with a Pumice Stone

This isn't a quick way to remove body hair but with the benefits I listed above, clearly it is the best way to remove body hair. If you are just beginning with a pumice stone and are removing two full legs of hair, this may take you a few sessions. Using a Pumice Stone not only rubs off the hair, but also helps to reduce hair growth over time and leaves your skin amazingly soft!
  1. Get your legs and pumice stone wet and slippery with a conditioner or body wash.
  2. GENTLY rub in a small circular motion about 20 times to remove the hair.
  3. Apply a cold compress and some Lavender Essential Oil to soothe the skin.
If you are looking for pure Lavender Essential Oil, you can get a Wholesale Account here to save 25-55% off retail prices and you can't really find a better oil! And if you want to learn more about the account and what it gives you, scroll to the bottom on the page!

Just a few notes! Don't use a pumice stone to remove underarm hair or from other sensitive areas, its just too abrasive for those delicate areas. At first, this will be incredibly time consuming if you have two bushy legs but once you have removed it everywhere, its just upkeep from this point!

NOTES: BE GENTLE! When your skin is damp it is more fragile. You are not trying to rub your skin off but rather buff the hair from the surface!


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