By The Petite Plantation - December 29, 2017

Removing your socks and running shoes and walking across the cool plush grass feels amazing and there is a good reason for it! And although the cool ground is refreshing on your feet, there are beliefs that grounding, or earthing, is good for your health.

I hate socks, I own three pairs and have owned the same three pair for the last six years. No jokes. I hate wearing socks and running shoes because they feel like they are suffocating my feet. Am I the only one?

Our family grounding together at the beach!

What is Grounding?

Basically, Grounding is putting your feet in direct contact with the earth, or barefoot on the ground, and your positively charged body absorbs the negative ions from the earth returning the body to a neutral state, literally connecting with nature! This is similar to getting antioxidants in our body for free radicals to grab on to, rather than our cells. We already know that being outdoors is good for your health, you get your Vitamin D, you become happier, & you get more exercise, but there are still other documented benefits listed below.

What are the benefits to Grounding?

Some science has reveled possible benefits such as:
  • improved sleep 
  • relief from chronic muscle pain
  • relief from chronic joint pain
  • asthma relief
  • relief from respiratory conditions
  • relief for rheumatoid arthritis
  • help sleeping
  • lessened time to fall asleep
  • better quality of sleep
  • better general well-being
For personal experience, I always feel better after gardening without shoes, or walking across our lawn without shoes. I feel more connected with nature, less stressed, less anxious and generally more relaxed and after spending a day outside, I usually sleep better! It all aligns with our Rustic Minimalism Lifestyle and wanting to practice Slow Living.

There are some guidelines to follow here, however. Don't walk over rocky terrain if it hurts, obviously. Watch for broken glass or nails where you want to be grounded and stay away from power cords just in case they are knicked or broken so you don't get an actual electrical shock!

Grounding isn't something that requires a membership or a special book to you need to purchase and read in order to understand. Connecting with nature, listening to the birds and the leaves rustling, feeling the warm sun on your face, are all things we as humans are supposed to be doing anyway. Plus, they all feel good, feel good for the soul which can uplift our mood! So get outside and get grounded, play in the dirt, nap in the grass and pick the wildflowers!


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