Morning Routines

By The Petite Plantation - November 15, 2017

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If mornings are a stressful time for you, setting aside a some time and space to yourself can change your life. Stress can cause you to have low energy, headaches, insomnia, frequent colds, upset stomach and even chest pains. Adding a little routine in the mornings to help relieve morning stress and keep you focused and motivated for the day ahead of you.

Benefits of a morning routine:

  • alleviate morning rush and stress
  • builds positive momentum for your day
  • instills minfullness
  • keeps you on a path to achieve your goals
  • creates self-discipline 
You may already have a morning routine even if it is hitting the snooze button 3 times, but taking time to create a routine to follow every morning has many benefits. But, creating a morning routine, be realistic. If you have never done yoga and juiced every morning, chances are these goals will be really hard to stick to each morning. Below is my morning routine.

Wake up and stretch!

5 Minutes! Stretching in the morning brings blood flow to your muscles and more blood flow means more energy. It also bring blood flow to your brain, awakening your senses and increasing your alertness. Now I'm not saying you need to do an hour of yoga, but a good stretch feels amazing! Be sure to focus on your breathing with a long slow exhale.

Put yourself together!

10 Minutes! After stretching I head to the bathroom and give myself an amazing lifting facial massage with Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils. Brush my teeth, apply mascara, and fix my hair. Even putting on a pair of earrings and a little mascara can make me feel incredibly beautifuller, but because I am a minimalist, my make up routine is mascara.


10 Minutes! Once I am put together, I will grab a morning tea and some breakfast and head back to my sanctuary to take my LifeLong Vitality Supplements and to apply needed essential oils:

  • CLARY CALM | Hormonal support and all thing 'woman'.
  • BALANCE | To stay grounded on my diffuser cuff.
  • PATCHOULI | To stay grounded and blues support also on my diffuser cuff.

And I will also start journaling, choosing an Emotional Aromatherapy blend from doTERRA. This is incredibly important for self awareness and self love. I feel it is essential to take a few minutes to only focus on myself. If you are new to journaling or need topics, check out the Month-to-Me Self Awareness Journal Challenge!

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Set your intentions for the day!

5 Minutes! After journaling I will check my calendar to see what I have planned in the day, make a list of things I need to get done and set the tone for the day by getting up and dressed, tidying the bedroom and making the bed. Then my day begins.


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