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By The Petite Plantation - October 31, 2017

Self love is becoming a largely sought out experience online, on social media and in many peoples lives. In order to love yourself though, you need to understand, analyze, and be critical of who you are, how you think, what experiences shaped you and how you are, you.

Self love without self awareness is like cooking and egg with the stove off.

"In order to move on, you must understand why you feel what you did and why you no longer need to feel it." -Mitch Alborn

Whether you have been through something life changing, family turmoil, or have been stuck in the mundane day to day and are beginning to feel lost, this Month to Me journal exercise will help you to get through what brought you to this post today. It will help you understand who you are, and who to love when you begin your self love journey.

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Set yourself up for success!

Go shopping and choose a new journal that really speaks to you, that is comfortable to write in and large enough for all 30 questions. Set the mood and avoid distractions by choosing a quiet time of day. The early morning is best when your mind is fresh and your day hasn't started.

This journal exercise will only be as successful as you allow it. You want to ask yourself these questions and try to elaborate on your answers but try not to overthink your answers. Limit your answers to one page. You can either write in long form, short form or bullet points, whatever you are comfortable with. There is one question for each day to be answered in chronological order. 

Gather your tools: 

Collect your notebook, pen, a morning tea or water with lemon essential oil to before beginning and when you are ready, read your question of the day. As soon as the question is read you will feel specific emotions that are correlated to your answer. Not all questions are meant to provide a wealth of knowledge to everyone, but there will be some questions more difficult than others. If you are unable to answer a question, that IS your answer! Ask yourself why you can't answer it.

Choose an Emotional Aromatherapy Blend:

Reflect on the question of the day and choose your blend. Begin diffusing or apply topically to touch points such as the back of your neck, wrists or over your heart before writing. Although this step is not necessary for the Month-to-Me Journal Challenge, it is highly recommended as these blends of quality essential oils create an emotional response to overcome burdens and find comfort. There are six different blends to choose from:

Promotes feelings of confidence, courage, and belief while counteracting negative emotions of doubt, pessimism and cynicism.

Promotes feelings of contentment, relief and patience while counteracting negative emotions of anger and guilt.

Promotes feelings of optimism and counteracts negative emotions of feeling down, blue or low.

Promotes feelings of comfort and hope. Counteracts negative emotions of grief, sadness and hopelessness.

Promotes feelings of energy, excitement, passion, joy and enthusiasm, 

Promotes feelings of peace, reassurance and contentment. Counteracts anxious and fearful emotions.

If you would like to purchase this kit you can buy it here or learn more about how to get essential oils in your life while saving 25% here.


1. What do I do best?
2. What are my goals and am I doing anything to work towards them?
3. Who is a part of my tribe and why are each of them a part of it?
4. What do I like to do for fun and do I do it enough?
5. What is my happiest childhood memory?
6. What new adventure could I endeavor in?
7. What concerns me?
8. What do I value most?
9. If I could see someone again, who would it be and what do I want from this encounter?
10. Where do I feel safest?
11. What gives me comfort?
12. What am I most grateful for?
13. What am I ashamed of and why?
14. I am too afraid to...
15. Who makes me feel uncomfortable and why is that?
16. What is my proudest accomplishment?
17. What is my biggest failure and how do I feel when discussing it?
18. At the end of my days I feel...?
19. Do I enjoy what I do for a living and why?
20. What does my inner critic dislike about me?
21. What ways do I spoil myself?
22. How do I recharge my soul?
23. When I can't sleep, it is because I think too much about....?
24. How do I show myself love?
25. What am I passionate about and why?
26. How do I feel after given a compliment?
27. When people meet me, I hope they think I am....? Why?
28. Why did I feel like I needed to do this challenge?
29. What was the hardest thing to learn about myself?
30. What can I do different everyday to show myself love?

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