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By The Petite Plantation - October 22, 2017

I joined doTERRA in October 2017 because I have big dreams and already had a love for plant medicine and essential oils. It was a no-brainer! I use my oils everyday in my self care routine, diffusing them always and around the house replacing harsh chemicals we would otherwise be using! I love them so much, and honestly believe in plant medicine, that I decided to share them for a living while I raise my children.

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If you are looking to get some essential oils, there are different ways to get your hands on  them and I've listed them right here:


If you have a particular oil you are looking for, use this link to my dōTERRA website where you can purchase the oils at retail prices online and have them shipped to your door. But dōTERRA doesn't just offer essential oils, they also have: supplements, laundry wash, cleaners, hair care and skin care products and other items you use daily like toothpaste and deodorant!

How I use the top 10 essential oils! Read here.

And yea, buying quality essential oils does cost a bit more than picking up a bottle from your big box store but that is because these are the real deal, the actual essential oils from the plant. Most of those bottles you will find in a big box store have added fillers, preservatives or fragrances added to them which is why they are so cheap and ineffective!

If you are looking to buy more oils at any other time and want to save 25% of the retail price, I suggest you sign up for a wholesale account to get more bang for your buck!

  • You can get 25% off any of dōTERRA's products (they also offer supplements, household cleaners, hair care and skin care products all made with essential oils!)
  • You can get 10-30 % of what you have spent back in their Loyalty Rewards Points system! You can use these points to get free oils or other dōTERRA products!
  • Depending on how much you spend each month, you may qualify to receive The Product of The Month, for free!
  • You aren't committed to making a monthly order to keep your account active!
  • You aren't committed to selling essential oils!

If you are ready to sign up:

  1. Click on this link.
  2. Scroll down and click the green 'JOIN dōTERRA' button.
  3. Select 'Wholesale Customer' and 'Continue' at the bottom of the page.
  4. Fill our your personal information and purchase a starter kit.

There are a few options for starter kits, but I recommend this one because it comes with the most used and popular oils:

Home Essentials Enrollment Kit

  • 15ml Bottles:
  • FRANKINCENCE | Supports healthy cell function
  • LAVENDER | All things calming and soothes the skin
  • LEMON | Clean and fresh, supports healthy immune system
  • TEA TREE | Cleansing & purifying on the skin
  • OREGANO | Natural Immune Support and supports healthy respiratory function
  • PEPPERMINT | Cooling and invigorating
  • EASY AIR | Respiratory Blend for clear and easy breathing
  • ZEN GEST | Digestive support for occasional stomach upset
  • ON GUARD | Protective blend for environmental or seasonal threats
  • DEEP BLUE | Soothing & cooling, perfect for achy muscles (5ml)
  • Petal Diffuser
  • Introductory Package with a Product Guide!

Why you should enroll with our OIL CIRCLE:

  • You'll receive a special handmade gift from me that you can use with your essential oils. It will be mailed to you once you sign up as a special thank you! 
  • Access to our Oil Circle on Facebook for on-going support. On top of all the oil knowledge we post in the group and community of oil users to ask questions, we have Weekly Live Classes to talk about different everyday health issues, on the 2nd Thursday of each month we have "No Oil Left Behind!" class where you bring you unused oils and show you new ways to take advantage of them, and on the last Thursday of the month we have a "Make & Take" class for you to make your own DIY item using essential oils! 
  • You get me, I'm just an email or message away to answer any questions you have about how to use your oils, which are best for what and constant oil support! 
  • Lastly, my overwhelming gratitude and thankfulness for your choice and what it means to our family.


Request a One on One Session with me! 

If you want to learn more about essential oils, discuss your health concerns or learn about how you can earn and income sharing essential oils, I would love to connect with you to have a real, down to earth conversation through Zoom, or Skype! Fill out this form and let's get together!

If you are on a budget like I was when I first signed up as a Wholesale Customer, choose the 'Enrollment Packet'. This is your enrollment fee, and it comes with all kinds of information on how to use essential oils AND a product guide. Once signed up, simply shop for the oils you want and what your budget can allow!

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