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I'm Lisa, the wild woman behind this eclectic blog and that's the husband who helps make it all possible. Together we have two children who are passionate about Legos, the end crust on a loaf of bread, and adventure, obviously.

Right now, the four of us live in a 1998 24' Class C Motorhome named Nelson and we are wandering around North America. (Follow our daily shenanigans on Instagram or Facebook!)

We have around 160 square feet together and although we get on each others nerves, we really enjoy living in a small space together.

We chose this lifestyle the same way we have made all our big life choices, randomly, on a whim, and completely spontaneous! Most of our family and friends think we are crazy, but there is no fun in routine and predictability.

Once we feel we have wandered enough, we plan to purchase a piece of land to park Nelson and build a tiny house and homestead from scratch.

But really, we are just regular simple people. We don't care for fancy or shinny things and just want to spend our life together in a meaningful and purposeful way.

I want to inspire you to live simply, intentionally and wildly.