My name is Lisa and this is RenĂ©. I am the creative soul behind this eclectic blog and he is the one encouraging me and all our crazy ideas. We are home in a small french community on the Canadian east coast where we sort of homeschool our two boys and work on our life goals together.

We are simple people. We don't care for fancy or shinny things and just want to spend our life together in a meaningful and purposeful way. I am a life learner and love to gather new skills to live a clean, more sustainable lifestyle and we try to instil this natural way of living in our children.

Currently, we are living right in the middle of our city building our urban homestead. Well, almost a homestead. We can't have ducks, chickens, bees, sheep, cows but we might be getting some rabbits just for kicks! We have been able to expand our vegetable and medicinal flower garden, then made it even bigger!

We strive to grow as much as our own food possible and live a more natural lifestyle with the use of healing plants and essential oils. We believe there is a place for modern medicine in everyone's life but that we all shouldn't rely on it solely. We find we are able to support and promote overall wellness with essential oils, if you want to learn more about essential oils, read this.

As rustic minimalists, we live a very simple life, and take time to explore the maritime provinces with our children and connect with the energy nature provides to nourish our souls.

If you subscribe to our blog, you'll receive every recipe, all my love of essential oilsgardening info, how to info, and other posts on how you can also learn to live a more sustainable lifestyle to reduce your imprint on our planet. For daily updates and to see what we are up to, we are most active on Instagram or Facebook!

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