October 22, 2017
Hi! My name is Lisa and I am the creative soul behind this eclectic blog. I am home in a french community of New Brunswick Canada where I lifeschool my two children and share my love for plant medicine and essential oils. {Learn how you can get your hands on essential oils here!} I love learning how to live a clean, more sustainable and responsible lifestyle and I am trying to instill these values in my children. After all, they are our future!
Currently, we are living in the city and building our urban homestead. Well, almost a homestead. We can't have ducks, chickens, bees, goat, cows but we might be getting some rabbits for kicks! We have been able to expand our garden, made it even bigger, then decided to make it even BIGGER!

If you subscribe to our blog, you'll receive every recipe, all my love of essential oilsgardening info, how to info, and other posts on how you can also learn to live a more sustainable lifestyle to reduce your imprint on our planet. For daily updates and to see what we are up to, we are most active on Instagram or Facebook!

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