Hi! My name is Lisa and I am the creative soul behind this eclectic blog. Our family of four is from Moncton, New Brunswick in Canada where we are learning to live a more sustainable and responsible lifestyle and trying to instill these values in our children. This is us below, it's real hard to get a picture all together, but I assure you, we're in this together!

Currently, we are living in the city and building our urban homestead which allows us to use this time to gain carpentry and gardening skills, in additional to establishing and growing our family run small business.

But, next year our goal is to build an off grid cabin in the woods & homestead from salvaged and recycled materials with our two little men in tow! 

We have a plan to become debt-free, purchase land, and build our homestead. On this blog you will also find information on why we are doing this and what we have accomplished so far.

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our story

Myself, Lisa, was born in a beautiful small town in Ontario. With a gorgeous mountain view and a seemingly perfect beach scene, I was trapped. I hated my life. I needed change.

In my early twenties, I packed up all my belongings in my little car to seek adventure, to find myself and get the hell out of there. I drove for two days and settled in Greater Moncton and within a day, I met a local man named Rene, who is now my handsome, witty, kind-hearted husband. We have been inseparable for 10 years, I was warned about those french men on the east coast, but I jumped in with two feet and we took off on our adventure!

Introduction to the tide when we all could have nearly drowned, 3400 kilometer road trips on long weekends, marriage and wedding woes, enjoying our honeymoon on the sandy beach as Hurricane Bill approached and two children of the rambunctious kind.

Before meeting, Rene was on the verge of leaving the country also seeking adventure, little did he know, I was all the adventure he needed! Since we met, we have traveled coast to coast and now we are working on our biggest adventure yet!

More informational posts that explain what we're doing: