11 Things to Stop Buying & Save Earth

March 15, 2018

We love to visit new places to explore and discuss what we see with our children as our lifeschool experience. But it becomes so disheartening when we stroll on to a beach or into a forest to discover and it's just littered with trash. We do our very best to bring garbage bags with us on our adventures to leave these places better than we found them, but we need to do more.

Luckily, we have this platform, this blog and our social media outlets so today, I'm sharing 11 items we can all stop buying to reduce the amount of trash making it's way to our forest floors and sandy beaches.

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STRAWS | It is estimated that Americans throw away 500 million straws each day (Source). That's a lot of straws. Limit your use of single use straws by bringing a reusable stainless steel straw with you in your bag on simply refuse and drink out of your glass like a big boy/girl.

PLASTIC TOOTHBRUSH | Another plastic item that gets tossed on the regular is your toothbrush! By switching to a bamboo toothbrush made with natural cellulose bristles, your toothbrushes can biodegrade rather than adding to our world's trash problem!

SINGLE USE UTENSILS | Plastic spoons, forks, knives are similar to straws and can easily be switched for reusable versions. In fact, you probably have a drawer full of them at home already!

TAMPONS | We visited a secluded beach on the shore of the Bay of Fundy and it was littered with plastic tampon applicators. Two things immediately came to mind: first, gross. Second, completely unnecessary. There are a couple more natural alternatives to choose from. Like the reusable silicone cup, reusable cotton pads which can be washed and used again and again. These are also much safer for your body as tampons are detrimental to your Uterine Health.

SINGLE CUP COFFEE | Bringing your own reusable take out cup can sometimes give you a discount and helps to reduce your trash! You could stop 365 cups a year from making their way to a landfill! We make our coffee at home with this stainless coffee dripper and it doesn't make any trash to make coffee.

PLASTIC BAGS | There are about 1 million plastic bags used every minute (Source). Switch to reusable bags when shopping and when heading out, always carry an extra bag on you! Go the extra mile by finding yourself reusable bags that are made from 100% recycled plastic rather than new plastic!

INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED ITEMS | Reducing the amount of individually wrapped item you use can make a big impact in your waste! Packaged cookies in big boxes, individual portions of cheese, several yogurt containers in one package, and 'American Cheese' or as us clever Canadians call it 'cheese slices". Generally, these items of convenience cost more because there is so much packaging passed on to the consumer!

GUY DIY: Beard Balm Recipe

RAZORS | Disposable and even reusable razors with replacement packages are also items you can switch out for a zero waste version. Investing in a straight razor or safety razor can take some getting used to but the planet will thank you for your commitment! Above is the razor hubs got for Christmas, he loves it!

PAPER TOWELS | Paper towels and tissues are a common household staple but there is a vintage option, the hanky or un-paper towel. These are reusable and washable alternatives and can be made from old cotton sheets. And once worn out, the cotton can be composted!

CIGARETTES | Not only are cigarettes terrible for you, it can take 10 years before the filter biodegrades (Source). And trillions, YES TRILLIONS, of these little pieces of pollution are casually thrown every where on the ground without any thought every year. Quit!

CONVENIENCE FOODS | Bags of potato chips, bottled water or soda, granola bars, puddings or yogurt cups as well as any fast food from a restaurant are not only unhealthy, but create so much trash everyday it is ridiculous. Make your lunches and dinners at home!

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