6 Oil Accessories You Really Need

March 13, 2018

When I was first getting into essential oils I was so excited to not only see what they could do for me, but to collect them all! Over the course of a few months, I found more and more oils I loved and more things I wish I had to make my oil journey a little easier. So today, I've made a list of six items I kind of wish I had allllll along!
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Roller Ball Bottles

I think the first essential oil accessory I found I needed right away was an empty roller bottle and after some research and a few bad reviews, I found some roller bottles with a stainless steel ball that really worked well. Some complaints from other brands were that they didn't allow oil to come out or let way to much oil out, but these ones work perfectly. They come in different colours too: Amber, Blue, a set of colourful ones or classic Clear ones.

Roller Blends are great to put together and bring with you when you head out on an adventure, rather than bringing a bunch of bottles of oils with you. For example, I have a head tension roller blend and a blend to support your immune system!

Oil Bottle Key

This handy essential oil bottle tool helps to lift the dispenser parts of the opening of the essential oil bottle and helps to push the roller balls on, without damaging it! They are kind of tricky to get off, and yea, technically a butter knife will work, but these come in pretty colours!

Petal Diffuser

When I first joined the oil train, I didn't own a diffuser and I thought this was okay. But after I finally purchased my own diffuser, I discovered how terribly wrong I was and how much I was missing out on. These diffusers are great to help remove odours from the air, kill the germy things, and are great to diffuse during homeschool or at bedtime. I love running mine right before I climb into to bed! 

I have the Petal Diffuser and I love how you can run it with the ambient light on or off for 2 or 4 hours. I like to turn out the lights in the bedroom and use the ambient light on the diffuser to help my body get ready for bed. Then I turn it off while the oils help me drift into slumber. It's just heavenly! It helps that this diffuser is quite affordable. You can get yours here.

This picture was provided by the wonderful Brittany from @wildflowerridgeco on Instagram!

Diffuser Jewelry

Diffuser jewelry has become quite popular in the recent months and it's for a good reason! You are able to apply your favourite, or most needed, oils a wear them with you throughout the day and in most cases, they are quite stylish! My friend Alicia, from Folk + Co. makes these amazing leather diffuser cuffs and sells them on Love Wild Tribe's Etsy shop. I have two! 

Every once in a while you will come across a really thick essential oil, like Vetiver! Which is nearly impossible to drip out of the bottle. Using your little essential oil bottle tool you saw earlier, you could pry off the reducer and add one of these dropper tops! This is also great for oils that come out way to quickly because you have more control over what comes out. You can get a package of 6 of these here.

The Essential Life

I love this big beautiful book! It has every essential oil possible inside with big bright photography! I love it's quick reference guide, and how they have different sections for every area in your health to help relieve a variety of health issues! The Essential Like book also comes in a handy pocket reference guide if you didn't want the big textbook

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