Challenges of Urban Homesteading

March 15, 2018

We have been at our urban homestead for over two years now and we are still in love with the rental property. We have a double lot right in the city which is close to public transport and all the shopping we could ever need. We also have been blessed with the coolest landlord ever who is totally on board with our updates on the interior and our homesteading lifestyle.

Sounds great, right? It does! And it really is amazing but, there are some challenges that come with living in our city and homesteading.

Easiest Vegetable to Grow

Never enough space

Although we live on a big city lot and we are able to string a clothesline across the yard, we still would love more room to grow. Homesteading is addictive and once you start gardening, you fall in love and suddenly you need chickens, then you need an orchard, and so on. With urban homesteading, you're space is limited and that limits your dreams... So sad!

Neighbours a little to close

We are spoiled, really. We have to of the coolest neighbours! A mature couple next door who entertain our chatty children. We share recipes and preserves, it's amazing! On the other side, a hilarious bachelor who has named us 'Modern Hippies'. The community is great and we are thankful for the kind and patient neighbours we have but I would prefer when yelling at my children, the neighbours didn't have to hear it.

Medicinal Flowers to Grow!

All the laws that tell you 'NO'

This is the most aggravating part of Urban Homesteading. Most cities won't allow you to have chickens, ducks, bees, or any other livestock. Where we are located, we are permitted to have rabbits but they aren't supposed to have another purpose on the property than being a companion. So technically, we can't raise meat rabbits or have rabbits for garden ready amendments, or poop.

This is so frustrating because if we were to take a brisk 5 minute walk down the street, which will bring us to a different city, we could have chickens! Rawr! Luckily, I have some pretty cool friends with chickens and buy eggs from them when they have extras.... But chickens, guys.

The ambiance

Constant sirens, tire screeches, & air planes flying over head leave little room for birds chirping, leaves rustling and bees buzzing. You just can't beat the ambiance of country sights and sounds!

But overall, I really enjoy our Urban Homestead! We are able to grow most of our own food during the summer, the children have room to run, and I can plant all the flowers I want. 

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