Oils for Homeschool

February 10, 2018

Although we use the term homeschool very loosely, we do educate our children at home in what we call lifeschool. Here you can learn more about how and why we lifeschool, and the benefits of it, if you are interested in that, but this post is about how you can incorporate essential oils into your homeschool day.

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Having the opportunity to home educate our children is incredibly rewarding and I would change it for the world. But, there are days when these boys of ours are so full of energy, defiance or frustration which can make our days challenging and very difficult. Home education takes so much dedication, guys, and patience. Once we brought essential oils into the home I noticed a big change in my mood and emotions, and so I was curious to see how they could better our homeschool days.

I began by simply sitting the diffuser on the table where they were playing with Lego or reading and noticed they were calmer and more focused. Now I run the diffuser throughout our days to help support a happy and cheerful mood. Because our eldest is very high energy, we have made him a special roller blend for him to he doesn't spiral.

Are essential oils safe for children?

Essential oils can be used on children which is a common misconception. But because their bodies are so little, you need to use caution and dilute them generously when applying them topically, or to the skin. A safe dilution for children is one drop of essential oil for every teaspoon of carrier oil. If you are applying an oil neat, or without dilution, be sure to apply it on the bottoms of their feet where the skin is thicker and tougher! And like any other household cleanser or medication, you always want to keep oils out of their reach as a safety precaution.

Below I have complied three different lists of how you can use essential oils during your homeschool time. Have some fun and try pairing different oils in your diffuser! You can also add a drop of each into a roller bottle and fill with coconut oil. I get my roller bottles here and love them!

Oils to help promote the child's focus:

Oils to help children settle in:

  • Vetiver
  • Peace
  • Lavender & Petitgrain
  • InTune Blend
  • Serenity Blend

Oils to promote feelings of invigorating the brain:

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