Oils for Sex

January 19, 2018

With Valentine's Day on the horizon I thought I would do a fun post on Oils for Sex and Intimacy because after all, sex is good for you!

Research shows that having sex can calm nerves, reduce stress and lower blood pressure. And, if you orgasm, sex can even boost your immune system! Although, if you are snotty and green, you may want grab Easy Air and On Guard, draw a warm bath and rest with some chicken noodle soup.

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Now let's get down to business! (I couldn't help myself!) If you are reading this post you may be looking to excite things in the bedroom for different reasons so this post isn't just Oils for Sex! I have made three lists below: oils for low desire or drive, oils for a relaxing and invigorating massage to spice things up and encouraging oils to help with feelings of anxiousness. But, there are other ways to improve your sex drive or libido.

Healthy Habits for Sex Desire

DIET | Eating a healthy diet full of fresh fruits, veggies, and healthy fats is essential for overall health. If you feel your diet is lacking in minerals and vitamins, consider taking the Life Long Vitality Supplements!

EXERCISE | Maintaining a healthy exercise regime is a great way to support mental health, cardiovascular health, and help your body create sex hormones, which are necessary in the bedroom. 

SMOKING | We already know smoking is REALLY bad for you and totally out of style but what you may not know is smoking can directly affect your sexual performance in the bedroom!

STRESS LESS | Bad stress can cause numerous health issues to your body so choosing a lifestyle to limit stress will be beneficial to your body and can help balance your hormones. For more info on hormone balancing, read this post.

SLEEP WELL | Getting a good night of sleep can reduce fatigue, promote overall health and is essential for mental health! If you are having troubles sleeping or would like to know more about oils for sleep, check out this post.

 Coconut oil can be used in many ways in the bedroom! Add some lemongrass and lavender to massage your partner.

Oils for Low Desire

  • CINNAMON | Spicy with a sweet biting aroma.
  • YLANG YLANG | Uplifts mood and balances hormones.
  • PATCHOULI | Balancing effect on emotions, musky aroma common in sexy musky perfumes.
  • PASSION | Blend of oils to promote excitement, joy and passion.
  • CLARY CALM | Helps balance hormones.
Diffuse 3 drops of each in the bedroom!

Oils for Relaxing Massage

  • LEMONGRASS | Promotes a positive outlook and soothes muscles.
  • GINGER | Soothes muscles and activating effect on emotions.
  • LAVENDER | Soothing and calming aroma.
  • CYPRESS | Calming but energizing effect on the emotions.
  • PEPPERMINT | Relieves tension and invigorates the emotions.

Oils for Feelings of Nervousness

  • PEACE | Promotes feelings of contentment while counteracting feelings of insecurity.
  • BALANCE | Grounding effect on the emotions and promotes feelings of tranquility.
  • ROSEMARY | Promotes an open mind and relieves feelings of nervousness
  • MOTIVATE | Counteracts feelings of lack of confidence, courage or motivation.
  • PETITGRAIN | Harmonizes emotions while counteracting feelings of confliction.
Essential Oils for Sex and Intimacy 

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