Why We Need a Seed Bank

January 15, 2018

We aren't your typical fully stocked pantry preppers. I don't think we are preppers at all and I'm not sure we could be self reliant for more than a day or two. But we do have a small collection of bottled water and canned goods in case the S*** were to really hit the fan.

We are trying to get better at disaster preparedness with a homemade first aid kit, canning more homegrown vegetables, having more solar powered items and creating a seed bank. Obviously, these are the beginner, baby prepper, DIY projects but that doesn't make them any less valuable.

Seeds like to be kept in a low humidity environment, with low light and at low temperatures which is why my DIY Seed bank is perfect for beginners!

Why you need a Seed Bank!

REWARDING | It is an incredibly rewarding and gratifying experience to care for your plants all season long to harvest and save seeds for the next year. Some of these seeds could heirloom, or several generations old, medicinal plants for your home apothecary or functional plants like louffa!

FUN PROJECT | I like getting my kids involved in the garden and the life cycle of a plant is a great opportunity to teach them about agriculture, where their food comes from and to accept responsibility for their meals. They love to gather the seeds, dry them and plant them the following spring!

SAVES MONEY | Saving left over seeds and seed saving is a great way to save money because you don't need to purchase another package or seeds. Just be sure to replace your seed with 'new stock' from each season because saving seeds in a seed bank really only keeps the viable for about two years.

PHYSICAL CATALOG | Having a seed bank is a clever way to keep a physical catalog of what you like to grow and which specific varieties you like. The worst thing to happen is when you find the perfect tomato variety, you love the plant and the fruit but you can't remember the name of the variety! This is just one of my horribly hilarious gardening fails!

TRIED AND TESTED | With a seed bank you are able to keep on hand your favourite varities of a plant and when you are planning your vegetable garden, you know exactly what grows best in your garden and your zone because, why would you keep seeds in there that just don't grow well?

WHAT IF SHTF | Now, I'm not going to go in disaster mode here, but what if SHTF? Or, more realistically, what if your small town local greenhouse closes up shop, or you are just too broke from car repairs you can't afford to shop for seeds each spring? 

Make Your Own Seed Bank

There are much bigger and impressive versions of seed banks out there so if you are a serious prepper, this isn't for you. But I have some amazing friends in the Homestead Bloggers Network who have BIG seed bank posts here, here and here. This seed bank, however, is designed for the beginner or minimalist gardener who only needs a small seed bank to get their feet wet in seed saving and self preparedness.

Seeds like to be kept in a low humidity environment, with low light and at low temperatures which is why my DIY Seed bank is perfect for beginners!

Things you'll need:

  • jar
  • rim and seal
  • packaged seeds
  • humidity absorbing silica gel packets leftover from purchased purses, shoes or jackets
Simply toss all your seed in to the jar with the humidity absorbing packages and store in a dark cool place, like the refrigerator.

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