Regrowing Eyebrows

December 28, 2017
Maybe you're here because you grew up in the 90's and brows that were thin, were 'in'. Maybe you're here because you went to Aesthetics school and had your brows over waxed, repeatedly. Or maybe you are here because you've just got a thin pair! I happen to be here for all three of those reasons to share how, exactly, I was able to grow my eyebrows thicker without any chemicals, creams, or other hair growth 'product'!

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Thin brows to Thick brows!
These photos were taken one year apart when I started to make a few changes to my beauty routine. I added quality essential oils into my Morning Facial Massage but also did the following:

Massage the brows!

Massaging the brows helps to relax the muscles in your face, increases circulation thereby helping your hair grow. There is a Facial Massage tutorial here but to focus on your brows, using your middle finger lift the brow with a hook motion from the inside all the way out. Also add circular motions where you would like extra circulation or growth!

Add Essential Oils to your cleanser & massage!

I used Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oils in my facial massage but other oils you could use for hair growth is Rosemary and Cedarwood! Get quality oils though, brands you buy at the grocery store or supermarket have added chemicals, fillers, and additives that ruin the benefits of the essential oil. To get quality oils, learn more here.

Trim the Extra Long Hairs!

BE CAREFUL | Using a fine toothed comb, like a beard comb, brush your brow hair straight up and clip anything too long. Then do the same but combing the hair straight down. This helps to thicken the brow hair you already have! I tried to demonstrate this in a picture but I just couldn't get my camera to focus!

Brow Rehab!

Grow out your brows to see what you have to work with, stop plucking! You may be surprised how much brow you actually have and maybe only need a pencil to fill them in.

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