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When the boys start feeling sick, it just breaks my heart! I hate seeing them stuffy, snotty and weak (and not just because it's gross!) But, I know I can help them when they feel this way with the help of essential oils and Netflix. Not all oils should be used on kids, some of them are just too potent. And although you can always refer to your product guide, I've compiled a list of my favourite essential oils for kids and ways to actually use them. Cause no one likes feeling under the weather.

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My Top 5 Oils for Kids!

LAVENDER | Because Lavender Essential Oil is so calming and soothing, it has limitless uses and it one of the Top 10 Oils, but here are just a few ideas on how to use Lavender Essential Oil on children:

  • Apply to the bottoms of the feet with socks to help them drift into sleep.
  • Diffuse during witching hour to calm tantrums.
  • Use in your DIY Salves.
  • Dilute with Frankincense in coconut oil and rub to soothe rosy cheeks when teething or around the outside of the ear for any ear discomfort. (Never put oils in their ears!)
  • Add to lotion to give baby a relaxing belly massage, in circular motions to support healthy digestion.

TEA TREE | Tea Tree, or Melaleuca, Essential Oil is also one of the Top 10 Oils and is perfect for your first aid cabinet or home apothecary. It is cleansing & purifying and has germ-destroying properties. Here are a few ways to use it for children:

  • Add a drop to a spray bottle with water to cleanse & purify toys, surfaces where they play, or for a hands!
  • Apply to skin irritations, scraps or cuts to help cleanse the skin and aid in the recovery of skin.
  • Dilute with Peppermint and coconut oil for a massage on the child's chest or back to relieve colds and coughs.
  • Add to their shampoo to help keep the creepy crawlers away!
  • Add to an Immunity Blend for an immune boost when seasonal threats are high.

PEPPERMINT |  The cooling and invigorating sensations of Peppermint Essential Oil make it one of the Top 10 Oils and an essential for your home apothecary! Ways to use Peppermint on children are:

  • Dilute in coconut oil and massage in big circular motions to aid in digestion and help baby relieve themselves. Also great for when they are feeling green!
  • Apply to the bottoms of feet, then put socks on, to provide a cooling sensation in the body when feeling under the weather.
  • Dilute in coconut oil and rub on achy legs when children are growing.
  • Apply to the back of the neck to help relieve head discomfort.
  • Dilute in coconut oil and apply to the chest to promote feelings of easy breathing when under the weather.

Add 5 drops of each and fill a 2oz Mist Bottle for a Baby Bum Spray!

FRANKINCENSE | Frankincense is the 'king of oils' and another Top 10 Oil because it promotes healthy cellular function and also increases the efficacy of other essential oils. Some ways to use Frankincense on children are:

  • Diffuse when completing homework or sitting down for homeschool to promote focus.
  • Apply to skin imperfections or irritations to promote healing.
  • Add when you use any oils to boost the effects of the other oils.
  • Dilute with Tea TreeLavender in coconut oil with a misting bottle to soothe a babies bottom.

ON GUARD | This Protective Blend is for everyone, especially for babies who must put everything in their mouths and school-aged children always bringing something home with them! Read this post for more about On Guard. Here are a few ways to use this Top 10 Oil:

  • Diffuse in the home when seasonal or environmental threats are high.
  • Diffuse with Peppermint and Lavender to help an unwell child sleep through the night.
  • Dilute in coconut and rub on the chest or back when feeling under the weather.
  • Add to your Immunity Roller for an immunity boost when threats are high.
  • Add to a spray bottle of water to cleanse and purify surfaces, the rail of the crib, toys, and door knobs.
These are just a few of the oils that would be great to use on small children and luckily they all come in the Home Essentials Kit with all the other Top 10 oils. You can read more about the kit here!

Get these and save with a Wholesale Account!

If you think you will be purchasing oils regularly or even again anytime throughout the year, a wholesale account is a fantastic and budget friendly choice and here's why:
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  4. Fill our your personal information and purchase a starter kit.


There are a few options for starter kits, but I recommend one of these two because they come with the most used and popular oils:

Home Essentials Enrollment Kit

  • 15ml Bottles:
  • FRANKINCENCE | Supports healthy cell function
  • LAVENDER | All things calming and soothes the skin
  • LEMON | Clean and fresh, supports healthy immune system
  • TEA TREE | Cleansing & purifying on the skin
  • OREGANO | Natural Immune Support and supports healthy respiratory function
  • PEPPERMINT | Cooling and invigorating
  • EASY AIR | Respiratory Blend for clear and easy breathing
  • ZEN GEST | Digestive support for occasional stomach upset
  • ON GUARD | Protective blend for environmental or seasonal threats
  • DEEP BLUE | Soothing & cooling, perfect for achy muscles (5ml)
  • Petal Diffuser
  • Introductory Package with a Product Guide!

AromaTouch Diffused Enrollment Kit

  • 5ml Bottles:
  • BALANCE | Grounding Blend for feelings of balance and traquility
  • LAVENDER | All things calming and soothes the skin
  • TEA TREE | Cleansing & purifying on the skin
  • ON GUARD | Protective blend for environmental or seasonal threats
  • AROMA TOUCH | Massage blend to lessen feelings of tension
  • DEEP BLUE | Soothing & cooling, perfect for achy muscles
  • WILD ORANGE | Powerful cleanser and purifier
  • PEPPERMINT | Cooling and invigorating
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil (4oz)
  • Petal Diffuser
  • Introductory Package with a Product Guide!

    If you are on a budget like I was when I first signed up as a Wholesale Customer, choose the 'Enrollment Packet'. This is your enrollment fee, and it comes with all kinds of information on how to use essential oils AND a product guide. Once signed up, simply shop for the oils you want and what your budget can allow!

    Why you need to sign up with me!

    Once you have ordered your starter kit, stay in touch! If you have any questions about your oils, how to use them, what is best for what, please message me on Instagram. We have a fantastic community and support for those just getting started with essential oils, I am constantly creating new blog posts on how to use essential oils and go live on Instagram to talk oils. You'll also be added to an exclusive group with other oils users if you have any tips, tricks or questions to share.

    Lastly, if you are passionate about essential oils, are a social butterfly of sorts and are self-motivated to start your own doTERRA business with support from the best upline, then you may want to consider signing up as a Wellness Advocate. So if this is you, send me an email at thepetiteplantationblog {at} gmail {dot} com!

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