Benefits of Lifeschool

December 22, 2017

If you are new to the series, we have a couple posts discussing why we lifeschool and what lifeschool looks like to our family. But today, we are talking about the benefits we have found living a lifeschool lifestyle!

Benefits to Lifeschool, our perspective.

Having our children home with us makes for a very flexible schedule. The weekend is no longer something we look forward to because our 'weekends' are whenever my husband doesn't work. We can leave town or vacation whenever we like and find it particularly nice when school is in and the beaches, museums, nature parks, library are all empty.

Having the children at home really strengthens our family bond which is something that is incredibly important to me because I was raised in a broken home. We are together constantly and although it can be challenging, it is great for problem solving, team work and understanding or consideration to others.

I am able to work from home on this blog and I am able work from home sharing my love for essential oils, I am so so grateful we are able to live this way and living minimally makes it affordable for us to do so. {Join my team!}

Our children are exposed to many more cultures, adventures, museums and experiences with us rather than being coop inside a school! The have so many more 'field trips' or adventures than they would in public school.

It's probably less expensive because we don't need to go school shopping and we eat together as a family which is more economic and budget friendly!

My children are really good kids. They don't pick up sass-back, potty mouths, or bullying behaviors!

We just love the flexibility and empty beaches!

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