Peculiar ways we save hundreds on the homestead!

November 14, 2017

Because we are are rustic minimalists, we find we are saving tons of cash simply living a very simple life compared to the modern nuclear family.

In this post, I am going to share how we save hundreds of dollars each month but you have to realize that living this way is working for us, but might be hell on earth for you.

Cutting hair!

I am not a hairstylist by trade but I have had about 10 years of practice cutting my husband's hair. The first time was awful and my sister-in-law laughed hysterically at us both but I didn't let that discourage me and now, I'm pretty good at it! 

Then when we had kids, we took them one time to have their hair cut by a professional because they could sit in these really cool rocket chairs.... for $80.00! That's almost a weeks worth of groceries or a bottle of Frankincense... Priorities, guys.. Obviously, that was the only time I ever paid anyone to cut their hair. 

Recently, I have endeavored in cutting my own hair and I love the results! I'm not going to share how I do this because there are a slew of do-it-yourself  hair cut fails on YouTube, and I don't want to be held liable hah!

Pull the plug!

We live without a home phone line, internet and cable or satellite. Heck, we don't even own a television, DVD, VCR, PVR, PS4, WII, or 3DS and I'm not sure I even know what they are! But how do you write this blog? Our neighbor gave us her WiFi password for her unlimited internet so we are able to write, check the news, weather and google things. 

Unplugging has been a wonderful blessing for our family and it did take some getting used to but we are definitely never getting these services again because we are saving hundreds of dollars each month, and that is cash hubs doesn't have to earn outside of the home.

Mend it!

If something is broken our first thought is to dispose of it and buy new and our planet is begging us to stop this! Whether is is sewing a ripped seam in your sweater, repairing your vehicle or fixing a toaster, these are amazing skills to have anyway! And, if you don't have the skills, there are millions of videos on YouTube.

Thrift it!

We buy everything used! And we save big on clothing, furniture, appliances, and toys. Whatever you need to purchase, you can probably find 80% cheaper just by buying it used. There are thrift stores, second hand stores, yard sales and online classifieds to find what you need!

Make it yourself!

You may not have the skills to do so but we make all our own furniture, (except mattresses and sofas) rather than buying new and we happen to like the shabby look so we opt to use recycled wood which saves us even more money. This post was written on my adorable lift-top coffee table! You can follow my husband on Instagram to see his creations!

Cook it all at home!

This is hard. And we struggle, well let's be honest, I struggle with cooking all our food at home but when we do, we are easily saving $30 each meal. Eating out is so expensive, in our neck of the woods anyways. I'd rather save that $30 and get myself a bottle of Patchouli, cause again. priorities...

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