Refreshing Carpet Powder

I am trying to remove chemicals from our home and as renters we only have so much control over the finishes in the home. And I love our home, it has come a long was since we moved in and started painting and making it ours. But, we have carpet in two rooms. The carpet is old, an ugly color but it helps keep the noise and echo down in this house of boys. And although carpet has a bad reputation, I kind of like the cozy feel of home it provides.

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I work from home, and we homeschool or lifeschool our children so we spend a lot of time indoors. In a previous life before I discovered how amazing essential oils are, I would have grabbed a box of carpet powder from under the kitchen sink that smelled so strong it kind of hurt. I also have created my own Purifying Fabric Spray which I use in lieu of Febreeze, you can find that recipe here. So instead I stood in front of my apothecary and pulled out these essential oils. If you would like to have quality essential oils in your home, read this!

 Follow us on Instagram to see how we use oils everyday!
Follow us on Instagram to see how we use oils everyday!
Lavender Essential Oil
-promotes relaxation and it's just my favourite!

Eucalyptus Essential Oil
-purifying & cleansing
-respiratory health support

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Purify Essential Oil Blend
-eradicates unpleasant odours
-clears the air
-protects against environmental threats

You can buy all these oils here.

Benefits of this Refreshing Carpet Powder

-leaves your carpet smelling amazing!
-naturally repels bugs!
-removes odours!
-kills fleas and other bugs!

Refreshing Carpet Powder

I mixed one cup of borax, one cup of baking soda and 25 drops each of Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree Essential Oils and doTERRA's Purify Blend. {You can purchase these essential oils here!}

I mixed together a carpet powder in a jar (reduce, reuse, recycle). I had my handy husband drill a dozen 3/16" holes into a used canning seal so it can be easily sprinkled on the carpet. I put a regular seal (without holes) on top and shook it really well. After it was all mixed I swapped the seals and started sprinkling all over the carpet.

I let the carpet powder sit for about 20 minutes before I started vacuuming. I also made sure to empty my vacuum canister several time to make sure it was really sucking up the powder!

My house now smells amazing! I only used half the recipe so I have enough to use it again in a few weeks.

Removing chemicals from the home

I think it is so important to provide safer, healthier and more environmental friendly alternatives for products we use everyday. In fact, my goal is to remove all the chemicals in our home, our daily routines and our food because I know they are harmful and I have no idea where they actually come from, and it scares me.

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