Purifying Fabric Spray

Recently we inherited a fabulous sofa straight out of the 70's. It's handsome, modern and a sofa bed! I'm all about only keeping pieces that are useful and beautiful as a cozy minimalist. You can't really tell this sofa is from the 70's because the 70's are so IN right now, it looks brand spanking new from the sofa store! Well, except for the smell.

After unloading the sofa we noticed the musty, old, dusty odours of a 40 year old sofa. I used to be the person who would look under the kitchen sink for Lysol or Febreeze to get rid of the smell but not anymore. Now, I walk over to my apothecary.

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You see, I have discovered the power of plant medicine, natural remedies and essential oils. We don't have any modern medicines in our home, chemical laden cleaners or body products loaded with preservatives. We have chosen to make our own cleaners, beauty products, carpet powders with the power of essential oils. If you are also looking to get your hands on some essential oils, here's how.

Benefits of this fabric spray:

-removes odours!
-smells amazing!

Purifying Fabric Spray

I found a misting bottle I already had (reduce, reuse, recycle!) and added a teaspoon of baking soda and 1/4 cup of very warm water and swirled it around until the baking soda was dissolved. I also added 8 drops of Lavender Essential Oils and 8 drops of Purify Essential Oil Blend, then topped up the bottle with water. You can buy these oils here.

I sprayed this all over the sofa, all sides, pulled out the sofa bed and sprayed the insides as well. I reapplied again after a couple days and the odour has since been removed.

Removing chemicals from the home

I think it is so important to provide safer, healthier and more environmental friendly alternatives for products we use everyday. In fact, my goal is to remove all the chemicals in our home, our daily routines and our food because I know they are harmful and I have no idea where they actually come from, and it scares me.

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