Facial Cleansing and Massage

I have always had hormonal issues with my body and everybody who has met me knows it because I have acne, still. Ugh, anyone with hormonal acne knows these feelings of despair and embarrassment.

We're not alone! Actually, 96% of people surveyed have reported feeling depressed over their acne. And it makes sense because when interacting with other people, your face is your first impression and the kids I went to school with, weren't taught to be loving and accepting like they are today.

I have tried everything to repair and prevent acne and some of them worked, but they are harsh on your skin and filled with chemicals. Chemicals are something I am trying to remove from our home, our food and our self care routines and have been replacing with essential oils, and massage!

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I love using essential oils for everything and I truly believe in the power of plant medicine. Don't get me wrong, I do also believe in modern medicine but I don't think we should solely rely on it. If you would like to get your hands on some essential oils, you can find out how here.


Tea Tree Essential Oil
-known for cleansing and rejuvenating effect on the skin
-soothes irritations for a quicker recovery

Lavender Essential Oil
-smells amazing!
-soothes skin irritations
-calming and relaxing qualities

-relaxes muscles
-feels amazing!
-reduces stress
-promotes circulation and healing

How I wash my face with essential oils

Each morning I take a spoonful of organic coconut oil in my hand. I add 2 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil and 2 drops of Lavender Essential Oil. You can get these oils here. Using the warmth of my hand, I melt the coconut oil and combine the essential oils.

Warning: Really awkward photos of me trying to show you three basic movements for facial massage. You've been warned hah!

Facial Massage Tips:

-I massage the oils into my face and neck focusing on my problem areas.
-Rubbing in an upward motion can over time have the same effect as a face lift.
-Don't just use your finger tips, use the length of your fingers and warm palms, you really want to feel as if you are giving yourself a facial massage.
-I continue to massage for about three minutes before placing a warm damp wash cloth over my face and letting it sit for 30 seconds. I will do this 3 times.

Because there will be some residual coconut oil, I choose not to add an additional moisturizer and I rarely wear make up. I have noticed a more even complexion and it is amazing to start my days with a facial massage.
Another great benefit of cleansing my face this way is how the oils purify and strengthen my nails!

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