Toy Jail Sanity

I am super excited about this possibility of never stepping on Lego again! I know, I know... I have HIGH hopes for this toy jail! I've seen these around town before and after a bedtime full of desperation, I mentioned to the boys, "You know, there are parents out there who ask their kids to clean up, and if they don't, the parents pick it up the stuff and they and keep it!" Gasps! Shocks! and "Awe, man!"

"That sounds like a great idea!" my husband confirmed from the kitchen. He went down to the basement to find a bucket and the boys scrambled to pick up the Lego! I was.. well, speechless for a minute. I have never seen them clean up their mess so fast, with determination and ownership for their Lego. The thought of losing a key piece of Lego, their Lego, well, it just wasn't going to happen.

And, I know some parents are thinking, 'Hey, that's not nice to threaten to have their toys taken away!' But guys, we're desperate, and that S#!T is expensive. We would never throw Lego out! They just have to earn it back with a little good behavior. So, without further ado, meet Toy Jail! {To get yours, keep reading till the end! I'll tell you how to get it!}

How we will use Toy Jail!

We really only ask them to have their room clean before bed. It's a safety precaution for us parents checking in on them at night, for midnight drinks and potty breaks and early in the morning. We are a minimalist family, and the boys have minimal toys but, they do have a lot of Lego. Because we live our lives unplugged, they play hard with Lego all day!

At bedtime, once they have 'finished' cleaning up their room, we will through the room and pick up anything else. The next day, if they can't find a toy or Lego because it is locked up in Toy Jail, they've got to clean up their room. This is sneaky because if they keep their room tidy during the day, it will be easier to clean at bedtime. Sneaky sneaky!

I only refer to cleaning their 'room' because we live in a small space and their toys stay in their room. The living room is for homeschool and quiet time.

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