How To Throw A Zero Waste Party

Just a few weeks ago, we had a birthday party for our now SEVEN year old. Seven. It's hard to believe how quickly they grow up. And I know everyone says that but, our lives have always been enthralled with family drama, illness, death of loved ones, moving across the country, and back. The birthdays seem to get closer and closer together. Luckily, our lives have slowed down and we can get back to enjoying our family and focusing on our goals. One of which, is to reduce our household trash. Here is how we threw, our first of many, Zero Waste Party!

Ditch the disposables!

If you are living a zero waste lifestyle, this should be a 'well duh!' moment. If you are new to it, well I don't blame you for not knowing because it seems every party calls for trip to the local party supplies store where we purchase matching or themed disposable napkins, paper plate, balloons and paper streamers! Resist, friends; it all ends up in the landfill!

Instead, use your own plates, bowls, glasses, linens and cutlery. Don't have enough? Then borrow it! Or stock up for all your future parties with a visit to your local thrift shop.
Use mason jars to hold your cutlery, or for extra drinking glasses!
There are several DIY party decorations out there in the world of Pinterest to make once, and keep using again and again!

Send an E-invite!

Today everyone has their email or Facebook account at their side at all times. Sending an electronic invitation rather than a physical paper invite is the easiest way to reduce waste from your party.

Still think it's trashy? Try using a free program like Canva to create your perfect personalized invitation and save it as .png or .pdf and email that!

Refuse gifts, request memories!

Refusing gifts at a birthday party, wedding or other congratulatory party will help keep the trash, unwanted items, and clutter away from your home, life and party.

This is becoming more and more popular with children's parties where parents are requesting each child only bring a toonie. The child gets to go shopping with their birthday cash and choose the perfect gift they want, and will use! 

Another request could be for each person who attends to choose a date to take the child on an adventure to the zoo, movies, picnic or a day at the beach! This doesn't have to cost your attendees money either, just their quality time!

Make your own beverages and snacks!

When planning your party, opt for snacks that can be purchased bulk like nuts, chocolates and party mixes. Offering bowls and spoons for your guests to scoop exactly what they want to snack is a great zero waste way to entertain. Also consider making your own sweet tea or lemonade served in mason jars!

Have FUN!

Throwing a party isn't about the food or drinks you serve or how they are served. If your friends and family are coming to your party, they are there to celebrate! Play lawn games, throw a ball around, play cards or other board games! Put together an atmosphere which allows good times and memories to be made!

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