Going Without Wheels

We sold our family car!

And everyone flipped out..

Relax, friends, it's only temporary! It's an experiment, a savings plan and an adventure all wrapped up in one big mystery bag. And if you know us, you know we like a good adventure!

We all know how convenient having a car is, everyone does. A vehicle is usually the first big ticket item everyone buys for themselves as teenagers. We get our first job, work hard to save and when we have a enough cash saved up, we blow it all on a car for the freedom to travel where we want and when we want.

My first car opened my life to a great deal of independence and freedom. With it I traveled halfway across the country, fell in love with a man who I traveled all over the country with before growing our family and this beautiful life we live. If it wasn't for that itty bitty Hyundai my life would look starkly different.

But, our lives have changed. We've settled down with our family and have some pretty big goals we want to achieve in our plan. Right now, we just don't need it.

Our home is located right next to the shopping mall. Within 500 feet, we have grocery stores, pharmacies, (yes, plural!), big box stores, hardware stores, dozens of restaurants, a liquor store (should the desire strike!), library, banks, bulk food, playgrounds, splash pads, a nature park stretching the length of the city and most convenient, the city's bus terminal. It takes us just as much time to walk to the hardware store as it would to wrangle the kidlets into the car and buckle them.

For a few months, we have the opportunity to save on insurance and gasoline, explore the city with the kidlets with new perspective, drastically reduce our footprint on the environment, and once summer cools down and the leaves turn into a living rainbow, we will have enough cash saved up to purchase a new vehicle debt-free, which is a huge priority of ours!

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  1. Awesome, Lisa! Good luck, and have fun!

    1. Thank you, Stephanie! It will be lots of fun, the kidlets sure enjoy a long ride on the city bus. Thanks for reading!