Free Harvest Tracker Printable

One of our many goals of our plan is try and grow all our own food. Crazy? Maybe... Ambitious? Certainly! One of the ways we are going to successfully check this of our list is by keeping track of how much food we purchase from the grocery store and how much we are going to make or grow ourselves.

This is our first year with a homestead journal. Inside we are keeping a tally of how many jars we use of jam, salsa, tomato sauce and so many other things! Although, I love my little journal, I just don't think it's going to cut it when it comes to keeping track of the amount of food we harvest from our garden! So, I've created a little something!

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I put together a Garden Harvest Tracker to keep track of the amount of produce you harvest from your garden. It will help us in future years to look back on more successful or less successful gardens and to learn from our mistakes!

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