Hanging Herb Drying Rack

One of my garden goals for 2017, my first vegetable garden, is to grow and preserve my own herbs. It's is all a part of my master plan to become more self-sufficient while we are working towards building our off grid 16'x20' cabin and homestead.

Last year was all about preserving my own foods, and learning to make staple items like Garlic Dill Pickles, Strawberry Jam and learning to make my own homemade bread. But 2017, is all about growing our own food, folks!

As our pantry's store bought herbs slowly deplete, I am getting more excited to grow and preserve my own herbs so we picked up some cedar 1"x2", some hooks and aluminum replacement screen for windows and sent my 6 year old to work! Yep, my 6 year old built this for me, with a lot of supervision and a little guidance from his dad.

Here is another picture. Anyone can make this, screw together 4 pieces of wood to make a box. The screen is simply stapled to the bottom and we screwed in a bunch of hooks. I designed my hanging herb drying rack so we can both hang herbs in bundles and lay them on the aluminum screen. You could use a chain to hang your herb drying rack but I chose jute string for aesthetics. Have we inspired you to make your own?

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