Uses for Fall Leaves

If you haven't heard about our plan to build a tiny house and live off grid, you can read more about our shenanigans here. I know I haven't posted in a very long time, things have been hectic! I'll do better, I promise!

Although we haven't purchased land, we are gaining precious skills everyday! While we are homestead dreaming, my husband is taking on small repair and building projects around our home
and friend's home. I am learning more of the day to day skills required, like cooking real food, preserving and gardening.

It's fall now and we have just hand tilled up our lawn where next year we will grow our first vegetable garden and started raking the leaves. I say started because we never finished! I managed to build a pile for the kidlets to jump in before snapping the handle of the rake in half. Oh well! Then, it snowed. Oops.

All our leaves are sitting under the snow. Which totally sucks because I was really looking forward to raking them, no really. I had plans for those leaves, natures litter. They are good for so many things!

Creative uses for leaves:

  • Make a scarecrow!
  • Decoupage them to pumpkins!
  • String them up for a festive fall garland!
  • Press them to use in other crafts!

Useful uses for leaves:

  • Leave them on the ground to act as a fertilizer for your lawn!
  • Add them to your compost pile throughout the winter to keep it warm and active!
  • Use them around your plants as a mulch!
  • Place in plastic bags over the winter to create a leaf mold! Want to make it? Read here!
  • They can also be tilled into your vegetable garden in the fall to improve the soil!
  • Use dry leaves as deep litter bedding in your chicken coop!

You can see why I was disappointed I couldn't take advantage of these leaves, they really could have helped me out with my first vegetable garden! Hoping Santa brings me a new rake!

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