Living Unplugged

We sold almost everything including the microwave, the KitchenAid mixer, game consoles and finally, the television. Yea, you read that right, we got rid of the television! And guess what!? We don't even regret it!

These were just the first steps we took to downsize after we decided to build a tiny home to live a more minimal lifestyle. We sold the second car, purged all areas of the house and moved from a 3 story townhouse to a 2 bedroom apartment. We now live our lives unplugged.

We don't have a home phone {but who does these days},  and we don't have satellite or cable. Our children spend their time playing rather than zoning out mindlessly on cartoon after cartoon. But we aren't pioneers, we do have home internet which allows me to work from home on this lovely blog and use our cell phones for social media. Occasionally, the idea of a quiet shower without the paranoia of what the kidlets are doing is intriguing and I will put an episode of The Magic School Bus or Cat in the Hat to really enjoy myself!

Living unplugged means we are free to live our lives seamlessly, allowing our family to do what we want when we want, without waiting for a commercial break. We have eliminated a monthly cable bill and reduced our utility bill, using that cash for spontaneous family outings to instil curiosity and adventure in our children {follow our adventures on Instagram}. 

Our children have the ability to imagine rather than reinact their favourite episode. Their days are spent building, creating, exploring with their senses and using their hands to develop necessary skills to be intelligent adults one day. 

I know the idea of removing the television, DVD player, spare computers and game consoles from the home seems a bit radical. If you are considering removing the television, first consider limiting screen time and see how that goes! You won't regret it!

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