Garlic Dill Pickles

One of my kids loves pickles, like finish off a whole jar love for pickles. So while we are waiting to buy the land for our off grid homestead and I'm practicing my canning skills, pickles was high on the list! 

If you've been following us for a while, you may have seen my hopes, dreams and goals for my first container garden. Well, I jumped the gun when starting my seeds indoors and their transplant didn't go to well. Bummer. I know. I re-sowed the seeds in the large containers and they are growing well but very very slowly! Impatience is one of my strengths!

Luckily, we have an amazing farm market in town and I was able to score these pickling cucumbers! Because they are from a farm market, and not straight out of the garden, I iced them in a big bowl of ice water for about 5 hours before cutting them up into spears. 

I have also heard of salting them but this seemed easiest and less fussy. If you are growing your own, like I had planned on, just throw them in the fridge until you have enough. Mine probably sat in a box for a few days loosing moisture and crispness. 

To water bath can your Garlic Dill Pickles, start with preparing your work station! This post contains affiliate links which help earn a small commission on your purchase without any additional cost to you.

You will need:
Water bath canner or large stockpot 
Small pot to warm your seals and rims in water
Large pot to cook your brine
Cutting board
Knife to cut pickles 
Ladel to fill jars with brine
Funnel (not necessary)
Magnetic wand to lift seals and rims from pot
Clean towel to place your hot jars on to avoid cracking glass
Damn clean cloth to wipe clean the rims before placing seals on top

Now that you have all your items, fill your water bath canner with water and jars and start boiling them to sterilize them. Also place your rims and seals in the small pot to get hot. Don't boil your seals, this can damage the rubbery part and can cause spoilage. In your third pot, add all your brine ingredients and boil for 5 minutes. Once it's boiled, keep your brine hot!

6 cups of water
2 cups of vinegar
1/4 cup of pickling salt

Here is where I got excited and forgot to take photos of my Garlic Dill Spears so I added photos of the slices instead. 

Once your jars have boiled for a while, use your jar lifter or tongs to place them on the towel. Leave your water bath boiling. 

Pack your jars with a few sprigs of dill, a couple cloves of garlic, and a few peppercorns. Pack them tightly because once you add the brine, they move around on ya!

Ladle in your brine leaving a half an inch from the rim, or 'headspace'. Wipe the rim clean, add your seal and rims. Tighten them but not completely, I've heard this called 'house wife tight'... 

I don't particularly like this statement because I am stronger than my husband when it comes to opening jars. I'd prefer 'toddler tight', tight enough that my toddler could open it. 

Add your jars back to the water bath canner using your jar tongs to process for 10 minutes. Remove from water bath, place of towel and wait for the 'ping of success'! Once cooled, tighten the jars and store. If your jars don't ping or snap, place them in the fridge to eat within two weeks. 

Your pickles can be eaten in two weeks! Enjoy!

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