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Going zero waste or garbage free is a great accomplishment everyone should strive towards and is something our family works towards every day. Our population on this planet grows hundreds of thousands each day, and we are producing the same amount of trash. For the well being of our planet, we need to start making serious changes! {And garbage smells anyway...}

Society, and it's expectations, has us all on a path of living with excess beginning when we are children. We are taught to buy hot and trendy items, buy everything new and improved and to spoil ourselves with eating out! All these habits, create tons of unnecessary waste. Everyone, even you, can make small changes in the right direction. I have compiled a list of items, you can purchase to make going zero waste, a breeze! Many of these we already have, and the rest are on my list! 

Products to help you go garbage free!

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Stainless Steel Water Bottle: Many of us have already stopped purchasing bottled water in disposable plastic bottles and opted for a plastic reusable bottle. These can leach harmful chemicals into your water and can also absorb flavors from your beverages. Switching to a longer lasting stainless water bottle is an excellent step towards a garbage free lifestyle! Here is an inexpensive option with a handy climbers clips!

Reusable Shopping Bags: Here in Canada, many retailers charge per plastic bag, so switching to a reusable bag is not only better for the environment, but over time pay for itself! These bags are 100% heavy duty cotton and come in fun colors!

Produce Bags: You know those little bags you grab from the supermarket to hold your green beans or oranges, they are NOT recyclable. Yep, you'd think they would be! These reusable mesh produce bags won't add any additional weight when going through the checkout and they have a drawstring to keep things from falling out!

Unpaper Towels: Switching out your disposable towels from reusable ones is easy! These are made out of bamboo and have 20 in each package!

Food Storage: Buying in bulk is your best best to reduce waste when shopping for your pantry. Using reusable bags to bring your items home and placing in large glass storage containers like these, will mean you were able to go shopping without creating trash!

Jars: Jars can be used as a drinking glass, spice jar, for bringing lunch to work and so much more! We always have a well stocked cupboard of jars!

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