Homesteading in an Apartment

While we are apartment dwellers on the road to building our homestead, we have been trying to become more and more self sufficient and adapt to this homesteading lifestyle. 

Although we are limited to our 4'x8' balcony right now and the challenges that limited space provides, we have become pretty self reliant and you can too! There is no reason why you shouldn't become more self reliant or any reason why you would need to wait to purchase a piece of land. 

Having a homestead doesn't necessarily mean you have to own a piece of land and a variety of livestock. To me, homesteading is to be as self reliant as possible! 

Here are 17 ways you can homestead from your apartment!

1. Start an indoor herb garden in a south facing window sill. Herbs are really easy to grow! You could grow fresh herbs during the season and dry herbs for when you wait for the next growing season.

2. Start a container garden on your deck to supplement your grocery bill with your favourite vegetables or fruits! You'd be surprised to see what you can grow in a pot!

3. Rent an allotment in your community garden! If you don't have room for a container garden this is an excellent way to grow your own food and is a great opportunity to meet new people.

4. Make all your meals at home including your own bread. Check out this recipe for homemade granola bars!

5. Line dry your clothing to save on your electric bill. See my tips!

6. Make your own handicrafts like crochet or knitting your own mittens, scarves and slippers! Did you know that crocheting can actually reduce stress?

7. Beekeeping on a balcony or rooftop is possible in many rental units and they are so quiet, your neighbors may not even notice!

8. Learn to make your own soaps and cleaners. Not only will this save you cash but it's a great way to be accountable for what chemicals and preservatives come into your home. Here is a great recipe for Pet Odour Spray!

9. Foraging for edibles can be fun and help expand your pallet and get you spending more time outside.

10. Harvest rainwater on your balcony for your container garden to save on your water bill.

11. Reduce your power consumption by switching to LED bulbs and limiting screen time.

12. Do your own car maintenance. 

13. Shop seasonally at a local farmers market to save cash and support your local farmers.

14. Teach yourself valuable skills like plumbing, cutting hair, and other handyman skills.

15. Preserve and can seasonal fruits and vegetables.

16. Start sprouts to add to sandwiches and salads.

17. Reduce your household waste by switching to reusable bags and recycling everything you can!

What unique ideas are you using to reduce your waste?

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